Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 741

Sorry. No prizes.  I just felt like going Woot Woot.

It's WOOT WOOT Monday.

I love a bit of woot woot to get my week off to start.  Monday is my (second) favourite day ... after Sunday.

Celebrating the week that was and focusing on the week ahead really helps with my perspective.

Of course I have lots to celebrate.

  • Chelsea was married on the weekend and the wedding was exceptionally beautiful.  
  • We had our cheerleading Nationals Team meet on Friday for an all day workshop and the children in the squad have so much focus and so much commitment that our life as coaches is made very easy as a result.  Not to mention the other two coaches have taken the lead for Nationals this year so I am able to hang around the fringes assisting with minimal stress.
  • The kids went back to school this morning after a lovely two week break where they had plenty of activities including time on the farm, time at the coast, time in Sydney, a trip to the zoo and their sister's wedding.
  • I bedded down a new strategic business alliance over the last two weeks and will start working on a new career coaching program with them very soon.
  • Derek had a few networking wins over the last week and is heading into the is week with a whole lot of vision and positivity.
  • The sun is shining and the skies are blue ... and you all know that given I have trouble with the winter blues that this is a very good thing.

I also have lots to look forward to this week.  I will be focussing on two new business alliances, continuing the marketing for my book and looking at my publishing journey in general to ensure continued forward movement. I will also be spending extra time with the cheerleaders in our quest for Nationals and I'll be trying to do a bit of spring cleaning around the home.  Filing is foremost on my mind right now ....

There's a lot to go woot woot about today, and a lot to look forward to.

I hope you have a great woot woot Monday.  

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