Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 742

There is something in my life that I am not proud of.  Something I make excuses for.  Something I know I could do to improve my health and longevity but which I avoid.  It's something I do in spits and spurts.  I'll do it and be all "holier than thou" in the process spreading the gospel and all that and telling people they should get involved and then within a nano second I've done an about-face and am slacking off and avoiding it like the plague.  One minute it is God like and the next it is the devil.

This Nemesis of which I speak is the gym.

Something I've come to realise is - just because the gym takes money from you every fortnight doesn't mean you're a fully fledged member.  That doesn't make you fit.  You've got to actually put your foot in the front door, get your card swiped occasionally and form some sweat on your brow to qualify for full membership status. Oh sure .... in theory you're a full on gym junkie and it looks great on your resume ... but in practice you're just full of shit.  If you have a gym membership you've got to use the bloody thing.  Apparently.

I have not stepped foot inside my gym for about 6 months.  My bank account is methodically dumping money into the upkeep of the place and I am nowhere to be seen.  I wonder if I can include it in my tax return as a donation?  Surely contributing to the health and fitness of others is charitable?  Oh I can't wait for my contract to expire ...

I hate that I have let my membership turn into another episode of the "flushing money down the toilet" show.  I hate it.  But do I hate it enough to do something about it?

To be honest I'd prefer to be outside with the birds, dogs and trees when I exercise.  Walking or riding in the fresh air. Not the sweaty smelly armpit air of weight pushing steroid munchers.  I want to suck in the pure stuff.  What if I just power-walked around the outside of the gym a few times.  Would that count?




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  2. Going to the gym is really hard to fit in though. It takes a lot more time than the minutes spent working out! I find it so much easier to do stuff at home or around the neighborhood! It doesn't take much, and every little bit adds up.

  3. I've always avoided gym memberships, just because I know I'd never go. I wouldn't even try. I much prefer to exercise outdoors, mostly because it's free.

    Don't go to the gym just because they are taking your money. They'll do that anyway, at least until your contract runs its course. Go to the gym because you want to. And if you don't want to, then don't. :-)

  4. I love you guys!! Good answers. Thanks so much for helping ease the guilt and my own self-pressure.


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