Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 745

Thank you!

So the tears have gone (both he and I) and the frustration abated and life is back to sunshine and sprinkles.  There was no magic wand, but the moment of defeat has passed and we're feeling like making some forward movement again.  We've got an action plan.

After I left you yesterday I tee'd up a luncheon date with E from Whining at the World to share some of our despair and give each other a shoulder and some encouragement.  She had emailed me to commiserate so we thought 'why not commiserate in person!'. We had that date today and I don't know about E, but I have come home feeling less burdened and more understood.  She definitely helped me move forward ... not sure I helped her though.  But it was nice to chat about it all ...

Husband has also come on board with some tactics of his own, plus just this minute I have talked to the school and have some tutoring options worked out.  And I will accept more help ... from those that offer it.  I am lucky ... there is help out there for Darby and me.

Plus I have been reminded to take a step back and get some perspective from my good friend Boomerang Jane, and my wonderful cousin Stell.  They have reminded me to take note of the wisdom's I would normally pass on to others. Thank you.  Funny enough, when you are so close to it you get overwhelmed, and you forget the basics, so standing back and observing at arms length can definitely help.

Thanks E for a wonderful get together. And thanks for loaning me "When My Husband Does the Dishes" by Kerri Sackville.  It has absolutely nothing to do with dyslexia but everything to do with being a wife and mother and tearing one's hair out as a result.  I have only flicked through it but have already been in stitches.  It is laugh out loud funny and I can't wait to get started on it properly tonight.   I think a bath and a bottle of drinkable bubbles might be in order ...

Laughter and sharing the load ... two great remedies.

Thank you!


  1. Hang in there Leanne,

    So glad you're in a better place today.

    Isn't the blogosphere a wonderful place filled with fantastic people?

    Lots of love and have a fabulous weekend.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. PS - I just caught up on your week. My thoughts are with you. You're bravery and positivity is amazing. I wish you a world of sunshiney yellow.

  3. I so want a day to do lunch with you two. Glad the cloud has lifted. xx

  4. "Laughter and sharing the load" - oh thank god we get to do that!! You have the wisdom and support to get through this. It must be so hard to get your head around, but you will, I just know it. Great advice from all your friend's and fam too. Listening to the advice you give others is a fantastic thought. x

  5. Hey Leanne, what a great thing that E. is close by and such a great sounding board! I am certain you reciprocated the favour, don't be so hard on yourself ;-)

    what fantastic people you have around you, love their simple and real advice xo

  6. I am glad that you feel a little better about this today (although I am sorry I am commenting several days later than when you wrote it) . D is wonderful and he has an incredibly caring and loving Mum who is helping him as best as she can. Learning to read is a hard road for so many and he is certainly not alone, but I understand the feeling like he is and face it in some children I work with everyday :( . I wish I was closer and could help you. Please know that even if I am not around (like i haven't been lately) that you and your beautiful boy are in my thoughts and I often catch myself wondering how he is going and if his reading travels are getting a little easier... ((hugs))

  7. I wish you were nearby too ... you are exactly who I need!


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