Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 746

Kerri Sackville is my new best friend.  She doesn't know me, but thanks to "When My Husband Does the Dishes" I know her like she was my sister. In fact, I think we may actually be identical twins separated at birth.  Her book is shockingly familiar. Absolutely everything she has written is stolen right out of my mind.  We are living identical lives in parallel universes.

So I am thinking that she might like to come and have dinner at my house so my kids can meet their long-lost auntie, and I'll invite my folks over so that she can meet her actual birth parents.  Our husbands are also cast from the same sexual mold so they'll have plenty to talk, bitch, moan, brag about while Kerri and I catch up on our lost childhoods.

I'm not sure what we're going to do about Simon Baker though because he is actually the love of my life (yes, I wavered for a nano-second with Ryan Gosling but we all know that Simon is my one true love).  It seems Simon is also Kerri's one true love which could cause a bit of a problem, but I assume that is what happens with sisters?

Anyway, I just wanted to alert you all to my HUGE news and warn Kerri that I am not actually a stalker but that we share the same blood ... so don't be too shocked when my family and I turn up for Christmas.

Oh, and go buy her book.  She may actually end up being your sister too ...


  1. Oh, this is great news. My kids are SO excited to be spending the weekend with their new Auntie Leanne. I'm dropping them right over. Will pick them up tomorrow night. Or maybe some time next week?
    Thanks hon!
    Kerri xxxxx

  2. LOL. Excellent! Off to toddler proof my home ...
    See you soon.
    Let me know what I can bring at Christmas ;)

  3. I am ordering my next book off of Amazon, and it is this book!...I am previewing it on Amazon right now and laughing my ass off and wondering how all 3 of us can now be related!?...well, after investigating, I don't think I can get here....still searching...may need you to send to me......can't wait to read the rest...

  4. Leave it with me Cath. Will def get it for you and send to Pennsylvania ...


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