Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 748

I am Cat Woman hear me roar!!!

And my big man is Clark Kent ...

And my little man is Batman ...

And my lovely girl is Bat girl ....

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law own a comic shop and they somehow managed to keep said brother-in-law in the dark so we could all surprise him at said comic shop for his 50th birthday on Saturday night.  So given it was all comic shoppy we did what any good comic shop geek would do and went in costume.

Don't you just love a good dress up party?  It must be my inner actress (or perhaps my inner feline) but I just love a bit of role play and Cat Woman really fit the bill.

No, no, no ... it didn't extend to the bedroom.  Geez ... what movie have you been watching? And whose side are you on anyway?   Of course husband made some not-very-Clark-Kent advances but my claws were out. I mean seriously ... Clark Kent?  Superman maybe ...


  1. You all look fabulous!! How fun.

    So your husband's comic book obsession runs in the family I see.

  2. It was great fun. And yes ... the comic thing and the Star Trek obsessions are family wide. I sooo don't get it.


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