Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 750

Look, I've got to be honest ... Halloween is bothering me.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good dress up party just like anyone else, and the origins of Halloween (whatever they may be) don't concern me, nor does it bother me that another American tradition is creeping into Australia and we are becoming very star spangled banner as a result (I personally love America and Americans and know that we'll never lose our Aussie-isms) ... but what concerns me about Halloween is that I make it a point NOT to get to know my neighbours.

You're shocked I know.

Don't get me wrong ... I wave and smile and I could quite easily make small talk in the street if I literally slammed into one of them ... but I choose not to get to know them too well because ... well ... my home is my castle and when I am home I just don't want to have the worry of someone "popping over" .... or feeling obliged to have a cuppa ... or getting Tupperware invites ... or having to attend a party and not being able to fake being away because they can see as plain as day that I am actually home.

That's why.

So that makes it a bit awkward when the kids are soooooo wanting to do Halloween this year, but I don't actually know anyone in my street well enough to ask if they participate and whether or not my kids might be able to knock on their door!

My pledge not to be neighbourly may be an example of "cutting off my big ol' witches nose to spite my craggy face ..."

Now I don't know whether I should be dropping notes in letterboxes to warn them we'll be knocking and they'd better have some loot, or whether we just walk around the street hoping someone will have a "I participate in Halloween" sign on their door, or whether I discourage my kids from Halloween altogether.  Or whether we just knock and hope for the best ...

Or do I just throw them in the fun bus and we drive to the houses of forewarned friends and do our trick or treating that way?

What's your take on Halloween?

Do you participate?

Can I drive past and drop off my little monsters for a treat?  

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  1. Ironically, it was my old neighbour who would have massive parties for her kids and friends kids and everyone else that was interested. They were actually really fun. I dont encourage door knocking though since most of Australia still doesn't participate and I got my car egged one year when I forgot and didnt have lollies to give- unfortunatly i didnt notice for a week and we had several days of hot weather after which baked on the egg and damaged the paint... but I digress, chuck a party, have fun and if its a fizzer you dont have to do it next year ;)


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