Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 751

Yesterday I went to meet with a cheer colleague and when I arrived she had my book sitting on her coffee table!! I was beside myself with excitement because unlike some of you, I hadn't even seen it yet!! Isn't that shocking?

So yesterday I got to see my book, read my book, feel my book and smell my book for the very first time.

And best of all, I got to sign my book.

Yep, my very first book signing.

Now that's something to be bloody happy about.


  1. Wahoo!! The first signing of many I'm sure :)

  2. That's brilliant. How exciting!!! Can't believe they couldn't send you a free copy for all the stuffing around they've put you through.

  3. Well they have actually sent me 30! But I just haven't got them yet ?!??! Isn't that frustrating ... I mean .... fascinating?

  4. How very exciting. Signing your first ever book must have been wonderful.


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