Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 752

Fact: Water is wet.

Swimming is wet.

Going to the pool is wet.

Getting in the water is wet.

I fully acknowledge the benefits of swimming, and as such I have been pushing myself to go to the pool once a week with Derek and the kids to do a hand full of laps and stretch out my achy ol' neck and shoulder muscles. It's good ... it's been helping keep my pain and migraines to a minimum.

But it's just so wet!

I don't actually like getting wet.

The water has to be around body temperature for me to step in, or the day has to be excruciatingly hot and the water fabulously refreshing for me to take the plunge.

Going to the pool for lap swimming is just a bit too cold ... and so wet!

The floors are wet.

The toilet seats are usually wet.

The dressing room is wet.

My hair gets wet.

I leave the place wet.

I just wish it wasn't so freakin wet!

Do you like to get wet?


  1. Isn't that mad? I love the getting wet bit. The shower, the sea, the pool, rain, the sprinker - I am attracted to the wet...


  2. Nope. I don't like wet. And don't even get me started on sticky.

  3. Oh the wet floors, benches and toilets at public pools. Yuck! Just gross.

    I do actually like the water but the showering / changing afterwards I hate.

  4. I am like E and I hate the afterwards and I actually hate the before too, walking out to the pool but I adore the wet part! I love swimming and floating and the weightlessness of being in water. But I don't like being in toddler swimming lessons with Ashman. He isn't a fan of water so it is a little stressful. I also hate the changeroom afterwards. It is freezing and I am always the last to get dried and dressed so I end up freezing in the end!


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