Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 754

Tis Sunday. My favourite day.  Today I have woken up with another huge tick on my 2011 check list with the calisthenics concert now safely (and successfully) behind me. Relief.

Today I wanna be free to be in the moment.  Whatever that moment may be.  I may practice a little mindfulness to try and overcome some of my little irritants.  And some of my not-so-little irritants.

I might start writing book three of my new series.  Or I might not.

I might get the kids school uniforms ready for tomorrow.  Or I might not.

I might go for a family bike ride.  Or I might not.

I might cook cup cakes. Or I might not.

I might go for a massage.  Or ..... No .... I will definitely go for a massage.

I might let my husband cook dinner tonight. Yes ... I will definitely do that too.

What have you got planned for your Sunday?

Perhaps no plans at all?

What might you do?


  1. I not to be driven completely batty by the kids as they headed into their 4th day home together sick and to get through the day without any of them killing each other.

    It is Monday now and I have 3 children still and enough mental capacity to coherantly type this comment so I guess I achieved my goal ;)

  2. LOL. I don't envy that situation Jen! Not when you're on your own with it. I hope you have all survived ... both the illness and each other ...


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