Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 755

So yesterday I did end up making cup cakes and we did end up going for a family bike ride. I also managed to get the kids uniforms sorted and I sat back while lovely husband cooked a pork roast (sorry little piggy).  The massage completed a fabulous Sunday.

That bike ride may end up being rather expensive though.

As we rode around the lake taking in the beautiful surrounds I thought how lovely it would be to own a home in the vicinity.  I got all mindful and in the now. I took in my surroundings one blade of grass at a time. I smelt the air.  I looked at the sky.  I marveled at the trees.

What if we could have a home here?  It was probably too late.  Homes by the lake are well sought after.  And they would be expensive.  But imagine if there was one? It would have to be just the right home though.  It would have to be at least comparable to ours in comfort and warmth, and it would have to have unbeatable views.  It would have to be an upgrade. And we'd have to be able to afford it.

Anyway, we were riding along and I was looking at an area that had this big reserve and loads of grass and gorgeous gum trees leading down to the lake.  I sat and waited for the kids and Derek and Max the hip-gyrating-Lab to catch up. That's when I saw it.  A for sale sign.

When the others caught up I pointed it out.  "Look, that house is for sale.  Imagine having this as your backyard!"  Everyone agreed, this would be a good back yard.

So the bulldog in me took off with her metaphorical bone and headed home to look up that house and find out the specs.  I couldn't let it go.  Due to the power of synchronicity, or perhaps by chance, there was an open house ... right now ... about to start in 15 minutes.   I bundled the kids into the car to go and have a squizz.  Derek wasn't interested.  The house was in a great area but it didn't look like our home so in his eyes that made it a bit ugly.

We walked through the front door. We were the only guests.  The real estate lady was lovely.  I walked  up a few stairs and found not just a study, but an entire work-from-home office perfect for a business, complete with it's own bathroom and kitchenette.  I looked out the window of that office and found that I was looking into the gum trees of the reserve, and out over the entire lake and suburbs in the distance.  Wow!

Then we walked out of the office and down to the master suite.  The walk in wardrobe was double the size of ours.  The bedroom was the same size as ours with an en suite and spa.  The view from the spa bath again was over the reserve and across the lake.  Holy shit!  The views from bed were also of the lake.

We walked back the way we came and then down the stairs to the entry foyer, then down a few more stairs to the next (split) level.  To one side was a rumpus room that was not only big enough for the kids and their games, but would also fit the table top soccer (fooseball) and the pool table Derek has always wanted (but we've never had the space for).  PLUS it had an alcove with yet another study which would be perfect for Derek and his EBay business.  But wait, there's more ... this room opened out onto a private courtyard so that when Husband had boys nights full of cards and pool and soccer, they could go out there to smoke their nasty cigars.

We walked out of there and across the way to the two kids bedrooms.  Each bedroom was the size of their current rooms but with more cupboard space.  Each room had a little nook.  Tahlia's bedroom (notice how we have already placed ownership) had a built in nook into the wall for her TV.  Darby's bedroom had a built in cubby nook into the wall perfect for a little fella to store all his toy cars, his lego and his wrestling men.  Hell, he could even set up a train track in there and it would be out of the way.  There was another bathroom again with spa bath between the two rooms.

We walked out and went down another stair or two to find the guest quarters.  A bedroom (bigger than our guest room now) with it's own bathroom.  Hells bells this place is awesome.

We then walked down some more stairs to find a rounded end of the house where there was the formal dining room and formal lounge (both overlooking the lake) slightly to the right, and then the kitchen and family room to the left.  The family room had doors out one side to another private courtyard where there was an entertaining area perfect for BBQ, and on the other side of the family room the doors opened out to a big deck overlooking the back garden, the reserve and the lake.

We stepped out onto the deck and marveled in the beauty. Then we took a few steps down into the garden.  And a few more steps down onto a gorgeous patch of long rectangular lawn.  There was a fence with a gate that opened out to the reserve and a paddock of grass that any little boy with a football would die for.

I rang Derek.  "You've got to come and look at this house."

"Does it have a pool?  Not buying a new house unless it has a pool."

"No, it doesn't. But there is a patch of yard here perfect for a lap pool with a deck that overlooks it perfect for sunbaking.  This house was built for us. Come over."

So Derek turned up and we walked through the whole house again.

As we left, we made an offer.

Yep .... this could well be one bloody expensive bike ride ...


  1. Thats how we found our house, totally by chance, a sequence of events and the stars lined up. The second we saw the driveway we felt like it was ment to be, and it was.
    I really hope this works out for you Leanne, it sounds perfect!!

  2. YAY! SQUUEEEEE! It sounds totally and utterly devine and I agree that it is completely meant to be! I hope that you guys get the house :).

  3. LEANNE!!! I'm sitting here almost in tears. So darn excited for you & just amazed at your energy. You are certainly in the right energy space.

    I'm not kidding you, before reading your blog just then, I was sitting here at my lake after work. I just went for a walk to the waters edge & got all determined and thoughtful about what I want my life to look like. How it involved living by the waters edge & how good that is for my soul. And then to read your blog. That's powerful (& coinky dinky yet again) except I'm so pleased you make these things happen for you. I'm sooo using you as my inspiration!! Good luck with the house girl, you rock!!

  4. I know! It's a little exciting. If it's meant to be then it will be. If not then ... well ... onwards and upwards!
    Boomerang Jane ... it is scary how in synch you are with me sometimes. LOL. That's crazy coincidental (or synchronous)


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