Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 756

I have woken up feeling like I have a hangover.  I haven't been drinking.

I could not sleep.

I lay awake until after midnight.

I got up at one point and did some emails and things.  I thought a lot.  Of course I thought about the house.  Not in a worried and all bowel twisty kind of way ... just in a logical "for" and "against" sort of way.

One minute I am in .... the next minute I am running a mile.

Derek is the same. He spoke to the bank. They are willing to loan us enough money to feed an African country.  Hell.  It's that easy?  But think of the debt.  Oh so much debt.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself!!  You should be bloody frightened ....

You want to move forward you have to take risks!!  Such a bloody risk .....

Do you really want to leave the beauty, comfort and homeliness of our home?  Onwards and upwards my friend!


So I laid awake.  And I fidgeted. And I farted. And farted some more.  Then Derek farted (in his sleep).

Then the phone rang.  At 1.37am the phone rang.  SHIT!  Hello?  Male voice. Foreigner. "Hi".  Who is this? "It is me, you're friend".  I handed the phone to Derek who had since woken up.  Hello?  Silence.  Then they hung up.

Sigh.  Probably some Nigerian dude ringing to tell me he loved me and for me to give him $90,000.  No I don't watch 60 minutes (sensationalist rubbish) but I hear about it sometimes.


So anyway, I am feeling like I have a hangover. I've got a headache.  I am stiff.  My neck and shoulders hurt.  I am tired. I am dehydrated.

No point dwelling on it though.  It's Melbourne Cup day, and for those of you have followed me for a while you'll know that is the anniversary of when Derek and I first met - 17 years ago.

He has picked his horses by the way.  This is what he has chosen (and these are his very romantic words).

17 years ago I went to the races and went on a Fox Hunt
and it was love At First Sight
and ever since then I've been Lost in the Moment.

I haven't chosen my horses yet. I usually wait until I see what they're wearing and what they look like as they walk around the ring.  I guess that's how I chose Derek ...

Happy Melbourne Cup Day! Hope it's a good one and one that is "hangover" free.


I love hearing your thoughts! Keep them rolling in :)

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