Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 757

Max the hip-gyrating-Lab is the only member of our family to win any money on the Melbourne Cup yesterday.  He won a whopping $65 (which isn't bad for a $5 investment) and just paid for his own athritis injections.  Clever dog ....

Our Max is going blind.  He is fit and healthy (other than some mild arthritis) but he is going blind.  Quickly.

He went to a visiting optomologist last year and it seems he has a degenerative retinal disease that we can't cure.  It was suggested that antioxidants and vitamin C might slow down the process, but that it was highly likely he'd be blind with in the year.  Well .... he has ....  there is no doubt he is almost completely blind. Unless he is in full light, he can't see a darn thing.  He has night blindness and can't see anything in part shadow.  He can still see in full light ... just..  His eyes are so milky it is obvious there are issues.

Poor Max.

Good thing he has good hearing and great smell.

And he is still very very happy.

Gotta say though ... he's not quite as hip-gyratey as he used to be.  From my perspective, that's not a bad thing ...


  1. Poor Max. But very impressive that he did so well on the Cup. Neither Smiley or Serious Dogs have been interested, maybe they could have been big winners.

  2. LOL. Not sure Max was particularly interested either ;) But we're happy to have some money back in our wallets and he is looking a little happier after his injection. Poor old blind not-so-hip-gyratey thing ...


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