Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 759

I am grateful.

Stuff is happening.

Good stuff.

Exciting stuff.

Forward moving kind of stuff.

The stuff dreams are made of.

Or is that just my spirit talking?

Is this stuff energising me ... or is my energy creating this stuff?

Or is one feeding the other?

What stuff you ask?

Well ... business opportunities for one thing.  Partnerships, two new business ventures in start up phase (one for me and one for Husband), and an existing business moving forward at an accelerated rate.

Life opportunities for another.  The idea of buying another property ... either an investment one or a new home.  Our offer is still out there.  We are doing another inspection of the home on Saturday.  If it is meant to be they will accept our offer.  If it is not meant to be then we wait for another wonderful property in a fabulous location to come along.

Opportunities everywhere.


Because we are open to them and we are allowing them in.

I think that's what's happening anyway.  According to everything I know (and coach) about success it's being open to the possibilities that allows them in.

Well, we are open.

There are no blockages right now.

Just a clear run ....

For now at least.

Not even my hairy chin can dampen my spirit this week.

Nor the pimples on my neck.

Nor the grey skunk line that is reappearing in my hair.

I'm not sure if all this stuff is actually real, or whether it is just perceived.

Either way, we are feeling pretty happy about the prospects.

Whether it all comes off or not, it doesn't matter.

It feels good.

So please excuse me while I enjoy the ride ...

Happy Friday!!

For more gratefuls head on over to the wonderful Maxabella as she shares the joy.


  1. Really enjoying reading your blog!

    Isn't it great when opportunities come your way, and your eyes are open to them.

  2. Very, very cool! And I'll be able to say "I knew her when..."


  3. Great post.

    I personally think its your positive energy. Can you spare some to send to me? Ta!

  4. Love hearing exciting news and opportunities. Hope it all goes well for you xx

  5. So terrific to hear that things are so up for you, Leanne. I agree that when you're open to possibilities they seem to be everywhere. Then you've just got to be fearless to take advantage of them. That's the tough bit!! x

  6. Thanks for all those lovely positive comments. The positive energy just keeps flowing :)


I love hearing your thoughts! Keep them rolling in :)

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