Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 760


Warning: Bad parent alert, bad parent alert, bad parent alert.

Shit, shit, shit.


So last night the kids talked us into letting them watch an M rated movie with us.  It seems some friends had seen it and said it was funny. It seems they themselves had seen the ads and it looked funny.  Derek and I had already seen it, and we agreed it was funny.

I seem to recall that Derek and I saw it about 6-9 months ago.  I also seem to recall that we thought it was a great movie and that there were some wonderful family messages in it.  The sexual references were there but minimal, and the swearing was there but minimal.  Anyway, the kids wanted to see it and we had forgotten the full nitty gritty details of the "M" rating.  We checked the small print.  We decided it would be ok.  Heck, their friends had seen it ... must be ok.

So we watched it.  And we laughed, and laughed, and laughed.  We screamed when those "funniest home video" style accidents happened, we said "ouch" in all the right places, we coo'ed at the lovely family moments, we laughed our lounge lizard arses off as these big idiotic fathers went about their business and when things got a little "sexy" we distracted the kids with ice-cream or a drink of milk for a minute or two.

Then it happened.  There was no stopping it.  It was like a train crash and we watched in slow motion as carriages started to collide.  The movie revealed the truth behind the Tooth Fairy.  Derek and I stared at each other in horror as it continued to unfold.  Surely they would redeem themselves? Surely the story line would quickly adjust to explain away the big reveal and magic would be restored. But no. The child in the movie now knew that there was no Tooth Fairy and so now did my 7 year old son.

My daughter of course (at the age of 12) is now aware that Kidnom is full of magic secrets and while we haven't openly discussed them I can tell she has wisened up.  When she does question me I just say "being a child is a magical time and you can hold onto that magic for as long as you wish". I also say "if you believe you will receive" and she definitely doesn't argue with that one. And finally I say "it's important to always keep the magic alive for others in our world".  

But now my 7 year old is laying on the couch watching the movie as his little world of Kidnom magic is ripped apart.  Or is it?  Derek and I still stare at each other open mouthed.  Both kids are watching the movie intently.  No body utters a word.  The story line moves on and we move on with it.  I shed a silent tear as I reprimand myself internally for being so freakin stupid. Bad parent!

As yet neither child has raised it.  As yet neither have we. Husband and I have decided to move on as if it didn't happen and stick with our original response of magic and belief if it comes up.  But I am thinking that perhaps there should be another little bit of fine print on the movies under the rating. Where is says stuff like "low level coarse language", "sexual reference" etc couldn't they put "parental secrets revealed" or something?

How are you at adhering to movie ratings?

What movie watching mistakes have you made?


  1. 1) Really bad at sticking to movie ratings.
    When the kids started finding G & PG movies too bland, we gratefully moved on. We agreed we would rather watch an interesting movie, and discuss any tricky bits.
    Having said that, it was revisiting Toy Story last night. Never too old for Toy Story!

    2) Only one big mistake. Rocky Horror Picture Show a few years ago. They were absolutely *horrified*disgusted* and refused to watch to the end.
    Coarse language? Violence? pfft. Sexual references? ewwww, Mum!!!!!
    (All the worse because their *parents* were singing along).

  2. At 12 and nearly 14 our boys fit right into that "limbo" land.

    And because they are both so damn smart they also find a lot of the younger stuff not mentally challenging or stimulating anymore.

    I guess it is sad that we watch things like "Paul" and "Grown Ups", and many others with that higher than their age rating.

  3. You got it, MM. It happens with books as well as movies - when the chronological age, the intellectual age, and the emotional age are *all different*, and you end up with a very small or zero selection of books/movies that suit all three!

    If you go for the standard ratings (chronological), then the content/concepts can be too childish, yet if you go for appropriate intellectual challenge, it often comes complete with emotional concepts way above them.

    We end up taking a punt on something, and watching with them. At least then, I'm aware of what may need explaining afterward!

  4. Thanks for sharing!! I am glad I am not the only one who thinks the ratings system is a little flawed. But then again, so am I (clearly) so perhaps I should take more notice. There has been no adverse reaction (yet) to the big tooth fairy reveal.


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