Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 761

Cruskits with cream cheese and avocado, a handful of nuts and a cup of green tea. Not quite eggs Benedict ... but ... hey ... it works ...

Add some sunshine, washing flapping in the breeze, a quiet household and a laptop on the front balcony ... and I think I have my Sunday sorted.

Oh ... I am thinking of getting a new laptop. Mine has keys missing, and the letters rubbed off others, and it's kinda old, it's battery is stuffed and it's losing it's memory (a bit like me).  It's like my original pair of Ugg boots though ... not a lot of wool left, and a bit torn, but oh so comfortable and kinda hard to get rid of.  So I wanna keep it. I was thinking I could clean it up, attach it to some portable external storage devices (one for photos, one for home movies, one for archives, etc) and use it for storage and doing my movie making and photo editing etc, but that I would get a nice little portable laptop for writing.  Just something to tuck under my wing and go about my day-to-day business of writing books, working with clients and doing my emails and internet stuff.

What do you think?

Would that work?

I don't want to spend much.  

Any advice on what's out there? 

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