Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 762

Woot Woot Monday!

A brand new week.  Lots to celebrate, look forward to and get nervous about.


  • Darby wears glasses at school for the first time (well, actually for the second time but his first glasses stint last year was short lived as they were the wrong lenses and that was before dyslexia diagnosis) and he is nervous about it.  Very very nervous
  • I have a brand new client which I am excited about and not nervous at all.
  • I call the real estate agent with a new offer on the house and I make my offer firm and final.  I am quite nervous about that.
  • I meet with another company for more strategic partnership options.  Perhaps a little nervous.
  • I meet with a graphic designer for my new business venture as she presents me with options for how my gorgeous little Cheer Chick Charlie will look. I am very excited about that, and any "nerves" are adrenalin based.
  • Tahlia and I have Nationals training tonight and with only a little under 2 weeks until Nationals I am kind of pooing my pants.   Not sure how the kids are feeling as I am trying to take their nerves away thus wearing them all myself.  Yeah ... I'm nervous ...

Oh yeah, and today Husband and I celebrate 13 years of (mostly) wedded bliss.  Woot Woot!

How's your Monday shaping up?


  1. Congrats on your wedding anniversary, sounds like it's going to be a fantastic week.
    As for my Monday well it starting with me brushing my teeth in the laundry trough due to our bathroom being rubble mid renovation! I hope it's going to be a good week :)

  2. Happy anniversary to you and Mr DFF. Loved the (mostly) wedded bliss comment.

    I hope your day and cheer training went well.

    I hope Darby had a good day with his glasses. It's took Girl Child quite a few weeks to be comfortable wearing her glasses at school but it did happen.

  3. This is my third try today (stupid blogger) at saying happy anniversary to you both! Hopefully it posts this time :)
    How was my Monday? Well its my first morning without the bathroom which is a pile or rubble midst renovation, so I was leaning over the laundry trough brushing my teeth, knocked the toothbrush onto the floor and it went rolling into the toilet. Nice start to the day hey!
    Hope you have nice things happen to you this Monday :)

  4. Thanks E! It was a good day and Darby got through the whole glasses thing. He was pleasantly surprised that no one took much notice! He likes to blend in ...
    Thanks Michelle! And toothbrush in the toilet? Sounds like a Seinfeld moment. Not a good start to the week. Hope your Tuesday gets better AND your bathroom makes good progress. How exciting!

    PS I swear this little word verification person is spying on us ... the word is floatd. Did your toothbrush float or sink?

  5. Really? Wow that is freaky! It floated until the braver half fished it out and put it into the bin. I now have a fancy electric toothbrush in bright pink that I will not clumsily knock over next time!
    Have a great week :)


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