Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 764

This frustrating fascinating publishing journey continues.  I can now see why some people choose the self publishing route.  I always thought it was because no one else would have them ... which is sometimes the case ... but perhaps it is because authors can't be freakin bothered going through the crap ... with self publishing at least you have some control.

Look, I'm not dying in a ditch about this, and I am grateful that I am published and all, but as I sit here with my perfectly printed out letters of thanks and promotion, waiting for this elusive box of books to arrive, I am thinking I would have been better off designing the book myself, paying a couple of grand and getting it printed in China.  My skunk line is getting greyer with every passing day the delivery van doesn't arrive.  It's driving me to drink! (Yes, this morning I actually DO have a hangover.)

I'm seriously getting the shits!!!

On 1 October I ordered and paid for 100 copies of my book, to add to the 30 I will already be receiving as part of my "author pack". I want a stash of books here to promote and sell.  Plus I'd like to make sure my illustrator and the lovely Johanna get their copies too. It's coming up to 6 weeks later and NOTHING.  I wrote to Mr Personal Assistant over in Mr Publisher land two weeks ago for an update on (a) my marketing campaign, (b) my E Book and (c) where the F&^! are my books?!??!  Nothing. NOTHING.

A week later I wrote a follow up to Mr Personal Assistant.  Just checking in, haven't heard from you, any chance you could follow up on my email?  NOTHING.

Late last week I wrote to Mr Publisher directly and said that I was a bit worried about Mr Personal Assistant because he was not responding to my correspondence and I needed urgent advice so that I could get my marketing campaign off the ground.  Was he sick?  Dying? Lying under the wheels of a subway train? Mr Publisher's office came back to me advising that Mr Personal Assistant no longer worked in Mr Publisher land, and that they were doing what they could to catch up on his work load.  Excellent.  Mr Personal Assistant clearly got the sack ... or the shits ... or both.  Whatever it was, he is now gone and I am stuck in limbo land while Mr Publisher "catches up".  F*&^ F*&^ F*&^.

My motto through all this has been "Patient Persistence".  It has got me to this point, and it will get me through the next phase.  But come on, I now signed the contract 15 months ago and I still don't have a copy of my book sitting in front of me.  How patient can a person actually be before they're registered as clinically dead?

Is this normal?  Or am I just a great big agitated control freak?

I have another 4 books waiting for their turn in the ring (one which is being illustrated as I type) and as I await the contract I was promised for book number 2 (and possibly book number 3), I am wondering if perhaps I'm not better off popping over to China.

Come on Mr Publisher.  All I want is a my books. Is that too much to ask?


On the up side (and there are many many up sides ... this little tanty of mine is just a minor one in a world of ups ...) My Happy Gift is getting some lovely reviews.  You can check them out on my "What people are saying" page. 

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