Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 765

Problem: Scattered energy.

Solution: Get yourself a coach.

I am a coach.  I help people achieve their goals.

Who helps me achieve mine?

Well ... I've stepped up and this coach has gotten herself a coach.  Someone to help me sort through my priorities, look at which projects mean the most to me and which help me reach my ultimate vision.

I have just signed up to be mentored by a world class success trainer who is going to help me focus my energy to achieve great results.

My man ... my coach ... my mentor .... he believes in me and what I'm setting out to achieve.  I "interviewed" him yesterday to see if he could actually coach me better than I can coach myself.  I interviewed him to see if he believed in my dream and could help me achieve, not only through coaching me, but by forming an alliance with me for future success.  I interviewed him to see if he would ultimately promote my dream through his networks.

He passed.

A new alliance has formed.

We shook hands and the deal was done.

I have created a product line about to go into production which will ultimately help children with their self worth, resilience, health and fitness.  And yesterday I found the man who is going to help me achieve it.  I got my coach.

My coach is Eric Bailey.  A man who is all about the vision.  He's an ex-NBA player (having played with the likes of Michael Jordan) and also played here in Australia in the NBL.  As it turns out he played with many of my husbands best friends.  We already have connections. And so does he! His previous clients include McDonalds, Nike, Australian Defense Force, Flight Centre, Hilton Hotels.  The list goes on.

Yep, this little coach got herself a coach.

Did it cost me a million dollars? Not even close.

I got myself a coach.

I'm ready.  Are you?

Who coaches you?

Spouse, parent, friend, professional?

Who keeps you focused?

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