Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 767

So we bolted to the coast last night because a little birdie told us the weather was gonna be sensational.  The birdie was correct.  After a 13 hour sleep (yep - the sleep-in of all sleep-ins) we headed to the beach for the usual sun, surf and sand.  Nothing stupid happened, there are no deep fried fruitisms to report, nobody's pants fell down and the wind was minimal so there were no beach umbrella projectiles.  It was all boringly straight forward and oh so pleasant.

Then after the beach I headed off to the shops to buy myself my summer shoes. This year I have chosen some neutral coloured wedges.  I could have paid $105.00 for a pair, but declined.  I could have paid $59.00 for a pair, but declined. I almost paid $39.00 for a pair, but declined.  Instead I went to K-Mart and for less than the cost of the original pair of shoes I came home with my wedges, a blouse, a pair of linen pants (yes, linen) and some summer bangles.  All for the bargain price of $80.00. Yes, I'm cheap. Husband will raise an eyebrow at my shopping spree, but hey, it's K-Mart. He ought to be lucky I'm not out at Myer or DJ's or Calvin.

My K-Mart Haul
Oh, and I also came home with a hair dye.  Last week at a conference a male business associate very cheekily stood staring at my hair under the conference lighting.  He then started to squint.  He then looked shocked.  He then said (staring at my skunk line) "I didn't know you were grey Leanne!!".  Yeah, thanks for that.  Which testicle would you like to keep, because they other one is about to be kicked across the stage.  So yeah, I am dying my hair this arvo.

That's my Saturday sorted.  

How's yours?


  1. What colour hair dye? Hopefully something fun?
    A work colleague recently complimented me by noticing that my hair had been 'lightened'. Oh yes, I replied, it's my new natural streaks - silver. It does look lighter, doesn't it?
    I'm skipping the dye for now, because I reckon I'd end up with grey roots instead of silver streaks.
    On the other hand, if I was to use an eye-watering red or purple rinse, I might end up with fluoro streaks? Hmmm.

  2. I'm just a plain jane when it comes to my hair colour. Despite the red hot rock chick you see in my photo banner above (that was a wig), I am natural hair colouring all the way. And absolutely no grey. LOL. Mine have gone way beyond lovely silver streaks ... Right now I am dark brown.


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