Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 769

Warning - this is a little rushed. Got a meeting in an hour and gotta do the whole hair and make-up thing yet, and get kids ready for school. Apologies if this doesn't read very well. 

What's happening in the world of Deep Fried Fruitnom?

Well, for a start, it's Monday so that means a new week and lots of opportunity for fresh starts.  And hopefully a bit of fun as well.

This week I am working on my new product range for kids (yes ... I am ... it's so exciting ... and so freaking frightening ... but more exciting than frightening ... so watch this space) and at the end of the week we have our cheerleading national championships up in Brisbane.  Faaaarrrrk!!!!

Warning: Stomach doing back flips right now.  

Where are we at with the house? Well, it doesn't seem to be happening.  The house (the upgrade we were looking at) was "by negotiation" but it seems they weren't willing to negotiate.  Hey, have I told you this already?  Anyway, we put in an offer and the real estate agent thought it was too low and wouldn't even take it to the owner.  So we put in a slightly higher offer and again she said it was too low. And I said, you can have that money tomorrow.  Take it and finish the sale, or don't take it and wait six months, whatever you think is best.  So she went to the vendor with that and I haven't heard back.  She figured he would probably end up taking it off the market if he didn't get the price he was hoping for.  That's fine with me.  I reckon we'll get a phone call in a few weeks saying "we'll take it".  But if not, that is ok too.  It will happen if it's meant to.

Where are things at with my first book? Well, Mr Publisher got back to me last week advising the E Book will be available in a few weeks, and the audio around mid next year.  He also advised marketing is about to commence in USA with print, radio and TV advertising (really ?!) as well as an author website under their publishing banner by end November.  So I guess that is all good news.  No one can tell me where my box of books is though ... it may  be missing in action ... more information to come shortly.

Where are things at with my second book? No idea.  I don't know what to do with that one. I have a meeting with my illustrator this week, but I'm not sure whether to go with current publisher or self publish.  I am waiting for a sign ...

And that's the updates from this end!  Well, for me anyway. This is my diary ... so ... it kind of tends to be about me ... that's how a diary works.  I will update you on the kids and Husband tomorrow.

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