Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 779

Apparently I've got to focus.  Well, that's according to my new business coach.  It seems that while I fit neatly into the "visionary" personality type which is great for someone who is highly driven and got fabulous ideas, I've got to take on some more of the "programmer" personality types to bring me back down to the here and now.  It's great to see my vision at the other end ... but I've also got to make time for the step by step approach needed to get there.  So this week I have to clean my diary and start fresh by prioritising my projects and focussing on the one that means the most.  Wow.  Ok.  That's tricky ....

So yesterday I took the fact that my son was sick as a good reason to cancel all meetings and start working on my vision from the bottom end.  But first I had to take my beautiful and very grown up daughter to catch her bus for the year 6 camp. And then I had to spend time chatting to the other parents as we all marveled at the kids confidence and independence. Then I got side tracked with tidying up some cheerleading stuff for end of year.  Then I got side tracked doing stuff with my book.  Then I got a little distracted with the washing.  Then I got giggling with some stupid farting elves Christmas song on You Tube. Oh, and then I spent some time cuddling my boy. And then I got side tracked lying on the couch resting my eyelids.  But then I got energised and started focusing on my new product line and doing the paperwork needed to get the idea off the ground.  That was lucky coz my coach called me last night to see what I had been doing all day. Yikes!! He wanted to make sure I was focused on that particular project.  This new project, it's the one I have to concentrate on for the next three months. So today, in anticipation of tonight's call, I need to get some serious stuff done.  The diary has to be cleared and I need to make some measurable progress.  I do have one meeting at morning tea time .... which I will attend ... but that will be my "coffee" break.  I will try not to get distracted.  It's time to haul out my old time management schedule and do a little more of that "practice what you preach" bullshit.

Have a great Thursday.

What will you be focusing on?


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