Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 780

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They drive me mad.

I personally don't wear a lot of socks. I guess because most of my shoes are not sock-able shoes.  I do have a few pairs of sports socks for my sneakers, and I steal my hubbies socks when it is boot wearing season.  But on the whole I could probably do without socks in my life.

Socks seem to appear under my lounge, in the middle of the hallway, on dining room chairs, under the cushions.

Socks never match up. What goes into the wash doesn't necessarily seem to come back out again.  Socks get divorced quite a bit in my house.

So then I hold swinger parties for my socks and whether they match or not I just pair them up.

Then when all hope is lost for a pairing I send the socks to a big ol' sock orphanage where there are piles and piles of single socks.  I guess in their world this could be a bit of a dating service where a whole bunch of singles are searching for their mate.  This all takes place in a dinosaur shaped washing hamper.

This morning my husband went looking for some black socks.   I sent him to the laundry. He found the sock hamper full of dregs and whooped with joy.  So many socks!!! He was a little disappointed that I had cast them all aside so quickly. He is a bit of a romantic and he thinks that this eHarmony basket may actually have some matches made in heaven.

So he is going to be on sock duty tonight.  He has made it his mission to become the matchmaker extraordinaire of the sock-iverse.

I don't much like socks.  He can have it ....

Just as I was about to hit "publish post" my son walked in.  Mum, I have no socks.  




They drive me mad.  

How's your sock tolerance?

Do you have a good sock relationship or are you a bit Sock-ist like me?


  1. Hahaha. Funny. My sentiments exactly. I tried to tell my kids that wearing shoes without socks is what all the cool kids are doing. It didn't wash. Like a lot of my socks.

  2. Laundry in general does my head in. Despite having drawers full of clothes the men in my life are always looking for a certain item that is buried under a heap somewhere. Sockadiles save my sanity with socks. Google them. They are frickin' life savers!

  3. Ive stopped even pretending that I give a shit that the kids are in odd socks these days! if people want to comment on it I figure that it says more about them than me ;) . Bloody socks! Where do they go? do they run off with the pens?....or the scissors perhaps...or the sticky tape maybe as they are all things we can never find around here! ;)


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