Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 783

There is a major shift happening in my life right now.  

Everything is changing.  Even though it is positive, everything is new, and scary and unknown.

Change is like that.  

For successful change, a fair bit of change management is required.  And I'm not sure I'm doing that real well right now as I am constantly finding gaps where I come to a complete halt, look around me, and wonder whether I really want to step into the abyss.  There are moments of time where I suddenly wake up and think WTF?!  What the hell was I thinking? But there are bigger moments of time where I am inwardly jumping for joy at the possibilities.

For example, I am no longer going to be a face-to-face cheer coach with my beautiful school full of cheerleaders, but hope instead to be an advisor/mentor so that I can guide the squad and continue to nurture them from a distance.  But that means change for everyone, and it requires agreement, and it means a slightly different method of operation. I am excited and nervous about the prospect.

And then I am also moving across to a new cheer squad (for my daughter) which will help her to grow in her high school years as both a cheerleader and a person.  Again, I won't be coaching, but will instead be helping manage and coordinate the squad and providing mentoring and advice.  I am excited and nervous about the prospect.

I am moving forward in my business to specialising in career coaching Executive Assistants which means a whole new level of networking, a bunch of possible alliances and a great big Public Sector Congress I'll be speaking at in the new year (as part of an expert panel).  I am excited and nervous about the prospect.

I am creating a product line in my business to help children with their self worth, resilience, health and fitness and for the first time I need capital, and there will be big wads of money involved, and there will need to be a big marketing campaign, and networking of a completely different type.  I feel that everything I have done in the last five years has led me to this point. To this product line.  I am excited and nervous about the prospect.

We have put in that offer on that house which they did not accept.  We would like to own that house but we won't compromise on our financial security to do so.  No one else has made an offer on the place and it is still for sale.  I know that if the house is meant to be ours then it will be, and if it's not then we will simply renovate our current home to allow us to run businesses and still remain civilised as a family.  Either way, we will be making changes.  I am excited and nervous about the prospect.

My daughter is going into high school.  My son is going into year 3.  There is nothing else to say about that other than they are growing up too fast.  I am excited and nervous about the prospect.

My step-daughter is now married and together they just bought their first major league family car.  They are moving off into the world as fully fledged adults.  They are talking about babies.  I am excited and nervous about the prospect.

Of course I have dreamed about all of these things.  But when they start to become real it can be a little confronting.

Bob Proctor once said "if your dreams don't scare you as much as they excite you, it's time to get new dreams."  Or words to that effect ....

Well Bob.  My dreams must be pretty good ones because (quite frankly) I'm shitting myself ....

There is a major shift happening in the lives of many right now.  

How's your change management treating you? 


  1. Your changes are wonderful my friend and you will rock out each and every one of them! So proud of you and all you are achieving :) .

    (My changes are huge too but so far not so exciting just bloody heartwrenching and hard...but one day they will morph into hope and security and day! )

  2. There are parts of your changes that are exciting. The vision of growing into the true uninhibited you ...


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