Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 784

Imagine if you could clone yourself.  That way you could have it all ... the job, the family, a spot in community, the clean and comfortable home AND the dreams.  

I have been trying bloody hard to do the whole cloning thing. But I just haven't quite mastered the science of it all yet.  So instead I put up a hat rack and carefully placed my many hats in a strategic order so that at least I could tame my multiple personalities by allocating them a day and a time in which to come out to play.  That kinda works but sometimes they start clawing at each other and the battle does my delicate little head in.

Cue blinding headache.

So the next best thing to cloning is bringing someone with closely matched genes, and similar appearance, into the mix.

Yep - I have contracted my mother.

She will arrive any minute to wear a couple of the hats for me today ....

Thank goodness for closely aligned family, that's all I can say.

Let me know if you have managed to find the secret to cloning ... I'd love to hear your secrets.


  1. Thank goodness for Mums. Feel better. Go and see if my naturopath can help!! You have nothing to lose & a possibly ache free head to gain.

  2. Yes - is definitely on my list of to-dos (and I have sent Nell there too)


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