Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 785

Did you know that there is a certain species of flat worm that has two penises (or is that peni??) and these worms are actually hermaphrodites which means they have both male and female bits and pieces going on?

Yep, penises and ovaries.  And that's not all .... they participate in an activity called Penis Fencing where they have to cross swords (so to speak) and fight the other penises out of the way so that they can mate with another worm. Apparently they fight because both of them want to be the boy and refuse to be the girl.  Obviously both of them want the sex but neither wanting the child birth.  So in effect they are fighting to see who will be the man of the house, and who will be the child barer. These sword fighting penises aren't well rounded penises either ... they are sharp daggers and they try to pierce each others skins.  Wow!! The defeated worm is then inseminated by the winning worm via the sperm being absorbed through the skin.  The loser falls pregnant. Isn't that interesting?!  Don't ask me how I know that.  I read it somewhere and it suddenly popped into my mind.

I have far to many thoughts going on in my mind with correlations to human behaviour.  Far too many to share here.

But one thing is for sure ... beware of sword wielding penis worms!! They're a pack of bastards ... the lot of them.


  1. The things floating around in your head are a hundred times more exciting that what is in mine! ;) lol.

  2. Clearly my mind is cluttered! With worm peni no less


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