Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 786

So many roads, all leading to the one destination. I am travelling all of them.  Each road I am a different Leanne wearing a different hat.  But they are all leading to one big thing.  And that big thing is becoming evident with every passing day. How exciting!

But these roads aren't easy. Some are straight and steady. Some are speedways.  Some are bumpy bush tracks.  I drive the trusty ol' KIA Carnival down most of them, but occasionally I wish I had a four wheel drive, or a racing car.  Both would help me get to my destination quicker (depending on the road I am on), but I guess then I would miss the challenges and some of the scenery.  So my vehicle is the KIA ... that way I can take my family with me.

One of the roads I am travelling on has a brick wall in the middle of it ... that road is my publishing journey ... that brick wall is my lack of books on my door step.  

I have sent emails and made phone calls.  Still no books.  Everyone is looking! But no one is finding.  Apparently they are either swimming with the fishes in the Pacific Ocean, or perhaps they are flying to the moon with Richard Branson. If it is the latter then I know greatness is just around the corner.  If it is the former, then I have failed haven't quite gotten the result I was after. This is where I would like to start hitting my head against the brick wall.  Hell, I've had headaches all week anyway, might as well make it a blinder.  

The other day Mum came to the rescue.  She not only arrived to help me around the home, but she also handed me a bag with a pile of books inside. My books.  Can you believe that two days ago it was the first time my husband and kids had seen my book?!  The first time.  A proud husband took a copy to work with him yesterday.  A proud son took a copy to school with him today.  My daughter smiled a lot and then got distracted with all things year 6 with ne'er another thought about my book.  I know that she is secretly proud on the inside.

But despite this slight cushioning that Mum has supplied, the brick wall is still there.  And my head is bobbing about on my shoulders in an agitated state ready to start butting it.  

There is a reason my books are not here yet. There is a reason behind this challenge.  I know they will arrive when the time is right ... and that there is an opportunity here hidden in the brick wall ... but I'll be stuffed if I can bloody well find it.   

Better get that Panadeine Forte out ...

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