Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 788

We have escaped. We are all hanging with Ma and Pa at the farm. I write this from the steps of the front veranda. The sun is shining,the dogs are panting (very content after a few hours of hip gyrating broke back mountain cowboy activity), Derek and the kids are in town at the markets and may hit the local pool and Mum is pulling weeds from the garden. The sprinklers (run with bore water) are spraying near my feet. Dad is in town doing some Rotary work before then doing a course to certify him as a fencing contractor. Fencing is something he has done all his life but now he needs a piece of paper. Another feather for the qualifications cap. I don't need to move. I am sitting here in the now. Something I don't do enough of. It feels good.

Focus is important, but so is mindfulness. Today my mind is at peace. Will get back to focusing on Monday.

Happy Saturday.


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