Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 790

Maxwell TP The First

Max the hip gyrating Lab is almost completely blind.

You'll recall that year ago we took him to a visiting optomologist who diagnosed him with a degenerative retinal disease.  He predicted that he would lose his night vision first and then be fully blind within the year.  He was pretty well right.

Max cannot see in the dark.  He cannot see in half light. He cannot (and will not) go down stairs.  If a school bag is left in the hall, or we move the furniture on the back deck he will fall over it.  While he can still see in full daylight, it is fuzzy so he will do things like run into wire fences, or fall over rocks, or bump into branches.  Our dog is almost completely blind.

It is odd seeing a big beautiful blonde Labrador (traditionally  the poster pet for leading the visually impaired) being the one needing a seeing eye dog.

Yep, we thought of getting him a seeing eye dog, but decided that was a bit weird, so we are his seeing eye people instead.

His tail is still wagging, and he is smiling a lot (especially after a weekend spent humping with his gay cowboy lover), so we know he is doing ok.

He just needs us to guide him ...


  1. Laughed about the seeing eye dog bit. He's adorable, your Max. What about a puppy companion who could be his eyes? Depends if you're up for another dog around the house, huh?

  2. We have two lovely puppies in our life who visit frequently (belonging to Chelsea and Pat) but unfortunately they make Max sick after a few days as they are too full on for a very old man. He gets exhausted and then starts throwing up. Poor old fart ...


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