Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 791

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It seems I have spoiled my kids when it comes to Santa.  Apparently whatever you ask for, you get!

Hmmm.  Really?

I guess they might be right. Perhaps Santa does give them all that they ask for. The thing is they never ask for much so I guess that's easy.  Both kids have only ever put four or five things on their lists ... it's always been relatively low key and achievable.

One year Darby got a heap of other things in addition to his list.  I remember it like it was yesterday. He said "hey, I didn't order this!"

Yes, apparently you order stuff from Santa and he delivers it.  He even stuffs up sometimes and gives you extras.

So this year Darby says to me "Mum, if Tahlia and I both ask for iPads for Christmas, then we will get them and the family can have three!".

But we've already got an iPad mate. We don't need anymore.  We can share.

"But that's what is so good about Santa! You ask for stuff and he gives it to you for free, we don't have to pay for it and then we don't have to share anymore."

Ohhhh.  I see.  Hmmm.  But .... if we ask for two iPads for Christmas from Santa, isn't that a bit mean because we've already got one and we might be taking iPads away from kids who don't have any yet?

"Oh, you're right Mum.  Santa might only have like a thousand for the whole world.  I'd better not ask for one then."


"Am I allowed to ask for an XBox?"

Sure.  But we do already have a Wii.  What if there are kids that don't have any games at all and we take the last XBox?

"Oh.  Ok."  Big sigh from boy child as he processes the thought that this Santa gig isn't as easy and as magical as he'd thought.  There is still so much darn conscience involved!

So I started to feel a bit bad that I was putting limitations on his wishlist.  Perhaps he should wish for whatever he wants and then when he only gets part of the wishlist I deal with his response then.  Is that what I should be doing?  Am I taking the path of least resistance with my current approach?  Am I taking away from their resilience training by not allowing for disappointment?  It's a tricky one.

Anyway, this is Darby's Christmas letter to Santa this year:

Dear Santa
How are you?
I hope you are well.

I am looking forward to Christmas this year and hope that everyone in the world has a happy time.

I have put my Christmas list together.  Number 5 on the list - the XBox - is just in case you have any left over. I already have a Wii so don't want to take games away from people who don't have any yet.

Thank you Santa.

Love from Darby

1.  Super Smash Bros Wii Game
2.  Mad Gear Scooter
3.  Sticky Wicky
4. Nike shoes
5. X Box
6. A hat like Tahlia's
7. A Tiger's football

As you know I have already done my Christmas shopping and I am feeling good about what has been allocated to Santa - but numbers 3 and 4 are new items on the list.  What the hell is a sticky wicky?  I hope Santa knows.  And Nike shoes?  What happened to good old fashioned Kmart sneakers?  I hope Santa does name brands.

And that Number 5.  Well ... it goes against every grain inside my being to lavish the kids with more indoor gaming devices, but interestingly enough when I bought my new smart phone the offer included a free XBox.  I'm not giving away any secrets, I'm just saying that if Santa also bought himself a new phone this year he might actually end up with a spare XBox.  Darby might be lucky.

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  1. Nawww what a cute letter to Santa :) Don't worry Santa is definately up with the brand names!


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