Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 794

Yesterday I got out of the wrong side of bed.  I was a negative Nelly.

Today I got out of the right side of bed and I went for a walk around the lake.  I am now a positive Pete.

I think I should do this walking thing more often ....

An update:  That house ... the dream home ... they are still rejecting my offer.  I am not despairing yet though.  It might still happen.  No one else is buying it ...

Another update:  My beard is growing back.  Will Nair it next week.

Yet another update:  My new project (my product line) is becoming quite real! Am in discussions with lawyers and business coach about intellectual property and the fact that this idea of mine has real potential to go global.  Turns out I am about to spew money from every orifice to secure my trademark across many classes.  Money spewing is not overly fun and can be very painful, but if the ultimate vision is worth it then it's gotta happen!

A final update:  I found out all about Sticky Wicky and made a new friend and someone to network and mastermind with in the process.  The lovely lady at Sticky Wicky told me all about how her hubby dreamed up the new approach to back yard cricket 15 years ago and two years ago they finally decided to do something about it. And now they are going like the clappers!!! It is good to hear the stories of others as I embark on my own (very scary) innovations journey ...

Happy Friday.


  1. I like how you put in the negative and positive comments it keeps it real .....thats life after all.....its like the most exciting ride at the fun park only at times it makes you want to throw up :-) when I am having a negative mood I remember what my grandfather use to say " this too shall pass" and it does.All the best for your ventures onward and upward .

  2. Ooh, intellectual property And going global sound wonderful. In your very successful future, may I say I knew you way back when?


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