Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 795

Sometimes you've just got to look fear in the face and stare it down ...

The kids and I just returned from the city pool - a different pool than normal - and they experienced the diving boards and diving tower for the first time.

Darby took to the diving board feeling his way on the spring board and learning to trust the depths of a seemingly bottomless pit.

Tahlia went straight to the 5 metre tower (of terror). There is actually a 10 metre tower as well, but apparently it is now closed to the public.

Darby didn't take long.  He felt safe.  There wasn't far to fall and it all looked quite respectable. He walked to the end, looked, bounced and jumped.

Tahlia, on the other hand, had much further to fall.  She was way out of her comfort zone. She stood there for a very long time looking over the edge.  Just stood and stood. She walked away. Then came back again.  She was going to do it ... or was she?  You can do this Tahlia! Yes, she said.  I can.  She looked and looked. She stood and stood.  She contemplated and contemplated.  She hesitated and hesitated. Then she jumped and squealed the whole way down.

Once she resurfaced she smiled and smiled.

Then she went up those stairs and did it over and over and over again.

She had stared it down. Fear conquered.


  1. Your kids are braver than me, I could never conquor the big diving board :(

  2. Ditto! It reminded me a lot of when I did trapeze flying ... it was scary up there ... I'll give the diving tower a miss I think.


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