Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 796

Last night Tahlia was at a birthday party sleep over so Darbs and I did boy things together.  We played the Wii, we watched Transformers and we build with Meccano.  Daddy was there around the edges but he was super busy getting all his comic sales posted out in time for Christmas (and watching the cricket).  I must say, that Meccano caper isn't bad for challenging the mind.  I'm not sure it was invented with acrylic nails in mind, but we managed to get through about one fifth of building an aeroplane.  I feel like a freakin engineering genius!! Note to self - must let Darby actually do some himself next time.

Today is Sunday - my favourite day.

Today I de-clutter my mind a little by writing lists, ticking off a bunch of to-dos and getting my week started from a calm place. I've gotta tell ya ... I'll be bloody pleased when the week is over.  It's a big one .... my grant application needs to be finalised, last week of school, Tahlia's year 6 graduation ceremony and party (yes ... the party I am coordinating ... idiot), a bunch of end of year activities at the school including the cheer concert, a strategic planning session for cheerleading, clients, and hosting the annual Langdown Christmas party where we are expecting about 60 people this year.  In the middle of that I am supposed to be focusing on getting the trademarks in place for the new product line, finishing my Christmas shopping and cooking occasionally.

Yes, today is Sunday - my favourite day - and I am going to savour the serenity of it while I can.  Because (quite frankly) sometimes I get a good feeling ... and I like to savour that feeling.

Pump up the volume and dance with me ... my new favourite song.

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