Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 797

Yesterday Tahlia and Darby both headed off to Tahlia's new cheer squad for the summer program.  No, Darby won't be cheerleading, but he did ask if he could do some tumbling classes.  Apparently when he's a huge football star he wants to be able to do flips when he scores a try! Or something like that ....

So they went and they had a ball.  Even when they got home they went straight to the trampoline to practice.  Darby is even doing stretches in front of the TV to keep his body flexible.  When's the next one Mum? Not till after Christmas mate.  Scowly face ...

Tumbling wasn't the only thing to hit our house yesterday. Christmas landed smack bang in the middle of our lounge room as well.

Every surface of the lounge room has been Christmas-ised.

As you can see I go with the traditional Christmas colours of green, red and gold.  It just seems to work for our house ... which is all wood trimmed and set in among tall pine trees.  You will recall (from last year) that our tree is the Luke Longly of Christmas trees ... even taller than Derek's 6 foot 5.  I guess it must be at least 7 foot.  Lucky we have those cathedral ceilings.  When we dress the tree we start with the lights, then I move to the standard store bought baubles of red and gold.  Then it's time for the special decorations - the ones that have either been given to us as gifts or the many many MANY that the kids have made over the years.  That is what I like about our tree ... the eclectic arrangement of personal bling.  It may look a bit like Rudolph threw up all over it, but there's a history there which (for me) far surpasses the perfect trimmings of shopping mall decorations.

How's your Christmas decorations going?

Are they up yet?

I would love to see your tree ...


  1. Love the traditional Christmas look. I guess if you've shown me yours I should show you mine :) Will take some snaps this week

  2. Lol. Perfect! Looking forward to the festiveness of it all ...


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