Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 799

Well, my daughter is now officially a year 6 graduate (sob).

We had the most beautiful graduation ceremony last night which included the graduation mass, a slide show of memories, a beautiful song (and dance) routine from the year 6 class in which Tahlia actually got to sing on the microphone in a bit of a "solo" (who knew she could sing?!) and finished with the year 6 party.  Of course my battery was too low to video Tahlia's singing debut which SUCKS.  Oh well ....

After a late start the party went off without a hitch.  Husband and a team of blokes took charge of the sausage sizzle, while I stayed inside and took the role of MC and DJ.  A very fabulous and talented mother took charge of the photography for us on our special red carpet.  She does amazing work (including my official author shots).  You can check out her website here and her Flickr site here.

The theme for the party was Live, Laugh, Love and the special highlight of the night was a red carpet experience leading to a "photo corner".  The kids LOVED it!! Definitely no shyness involved.  They were all movie stars ... and we had a few rock stars thrown in too.  And quite a few shufflers and hip hoppers as well. That was obvious once I got the strobe light and laser light out.  Everyone was shuffling.  It was all very sad when I had to announce the final song at 8.45pm.

Here is a picture of my one minute of fame on the red carpet.  That is the photographer I am cuddling. So who took the photo?!

Copyright Juzz Photography


  1. You look gorgeous Leanne!

    Congrats to your little girl - who is not so little anymore!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  2. Thanks SSG :) And no, she's not so little (sob)

  3. its sounds like a hoot. Your girl is lucky to have a mum and dad who are so involved in the big moments of her life, such lovely memories you are all creating. Congrats!!!!


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