Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 805

Shhhhhh .....

It's quiet here.

I am all alone.

Completely and utterly alone.

Even the dog has left me.

On the spur of the moment Derek took Max and the kidlets to the coast for two nights.  They left yesterday morning.  He's still working of course ... he's just doing it remotely while the kids get a change of scenery.  Apparently he has all these on-line courses he has to complete before Christmas and doing it in the office is difficult, so he's getting them done from the comfort of his parent's lounge room.

As a result I am all alone.  Only the third time I've ever been in this house alone of a night time without kids or husband. Only the third time in 13 years. Wow!!

Did I run around the house naked all night? No. I thought about it.  But instead I had a girlfriend over for a drink and a chat, and then I sat up watching re-runs of Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond.  Despite my reference to "girlfriend" she's not of the getting naked together variety.

Prior to the evening hours I spent the day getting my business bits and pieces sorted, as well as finally finding the bottom of my in-tray, finalising my tax, and overhauling my filing cabinet.  I also had a meeting with an innovations expert, contacted a couple of lawyers for more quotes on getting my IP sorted, and had a phone call with a group about forming a strategic alliance. It was a good day from a business perspective.

It was also a good day from a Leanne point of view, although I wouldn't do this "all alone" thing on a full time basis.  It's OK occasionally but I miss my family.  Mind you, not screaming at kids to close doors and drawers is kinda nice .... and not sweeping up dog hair is a relief also ... and having a king size bed to myself which hardly needs to be made this morning is pretty awesome ...

Be careful what you wish for...

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