Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 806

The fabulously frustrating fascinating world of FFS ....

Husbands just wouldn't be husbands without a big dose of FFS thrown in on a weekly basis.

I don't like going to the malls when it is busy. That's why I plan my Christmas shopping for first thing in the morning, with concise lists and limited need for a return visit.  I will not shop the week before Christmas. No way. Of course there are exceptions to this rule - the first being when actually shopping FOR my husband's gift, as well as the last minute need to shop FOR/on behalf of my husband.  The former is my cross to bear, the latter is a great big dose of FFS and one I'm still taking deep breaths about.

I asked Chelsea what she would like for Christmas. She said "Paco Rabanne Lady Million" perfume. I have no idea what that is but I will get that sorted.

So I told Husband.

Ok, he says.  But she's my daughter I will buy it for her.  I have a guy who I sell comics to on EBay who specialises in perfume. I'll ask him.

Righteo then.  Over to you Husband ....

That was four weeks ago.

As you know I had my Christmas shopping trip around three weeks (or so) ago. Want me to pick up Chelsea's perfume? No, he says. I'll do it.

A week later.  Have you ordered Chelsea's perfume Husband? You'll need to allow plenty of time for delivery.

No. What is the name of the perfume again?

I wrote it on a Post It and gave it to him.

Another week goes by.  Have you ordered Chelsea's perfume Husband?  We'll be seeing them for an early Christmas.  Need plenty of time for delivery.

No, will get it sorted.

Last Saturday as I was out shopping for the big Langdown Christmas Bash I got a phone call. I juggled my bags, dropped my keys (which broke the door-unlocker-button) and almost dropped the phone trying to answer Husband's call.

What is the name of that perfume again? I'm at the mall.  Will look into it ...

FFS. I sat in the gutter with my bags and scrolled through the text messages trying to find Chelsea's original message with the name of the perfume.  Paco Rabanne Lady Million.

I'm going to go look for it now.

Ok. good.

So I then forget about the perfume until Sunday.   You got that perfume for Chelsea so I can wrap it?

Oh, I didn't get it, they didn't have it at the chemist.

The chemist?!  You went to the flippin' chemist? Did you try anywhere else? You needed to go to Myer or a perfumery or something.

Oh yeah. They said that. Apparently it's around everywhere. Not to worry. I'll get it.

So now Derek is on his way back from the coast and we are meeting with Pat and Chelsea tonight to exchange gifts.  I am thinking there will be no time for him to get perfume. So yesterday before I went to my nails appointment I arrived at the mall at opening to check out the whole Paco Rabanne Lady Million situation.

Myer have a special gift pack which you get for free with the 50ml bottle. It has other lotions and potions with the perfume in a very nifty "safe". I thought that sounded lovely!

The bad news was there were none left. They had sold out the day before.  FFS. Are you shitting me?!  Can I get some anywhere?

They rang around Canberra and found one box left in the city.  They put it on hold for two hours.

I rang Husband.  Did you get that perfume yet?

No. But I will.

No you won't. They're sold out! I have some on hold in Civic. It's the last box.

Thanks Wife, that's great.

I really should have got this three weeks ago you know.  When I first suggested it.  Before it all ran out.

Oh well he says. That happens.

That happens?  That happens?!!! As I was driving around the city in bumper to bumper traffic trying to get the last car park in the entire place for the last box of specially gift packed Paco Rabanne Lady Million I was thinking THIS DOESN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN!!!

You frustrate fascinate me Husband. You really really fascinate me.

Merry Christmas Chelsea.  Luckily you're one in a Paco Rabanne Lady Million ....

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bloody men! They'll never change, that's why they love and need us so much! Thank god you got the perfume in the end hope she likes it :)


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