Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 808

For the entire month of December I have been convinced our phone has been tapped.  It made sense because Derek is going through a major security clearance for work so I figured it was ok if the spooks bugged the phone. We have nothing to hide.

No, I'm not all paranoid and no, I don't have my walls lined with tin foil.  It's just that when I picked up my phone to dial out it had a weird tone which convinced me someone was hacking into our calls.  

I didn't think too much about it other than that it was going for a long time.

Then last week I rang home.  Usually our answering machine would pick up, but this time it didn't.  The phone kept ringing and ringing.  Who turned the machine off?  Just as I was about to hang up I got the Telstra Home Message Service asking me to leave a message. 

What the?!?!

Since when did we have Telstra messaging service??

Holy crap.  

That's the weird dial tone!!! We're not being bugged at all ... it's telling us we have messages.  

So I raced home and had to ring a friend to find out how I retrieve the messages (given I didn't order the bloody thing and have never used it).  

Turns out we had a shit load of voice mail and once I cleared it all the phone returned to it's normal tone.  We're not being bugged at all!  How funny ....

How very very funny.  

And I promise I'm not paranoid ....

But now I'm sitting here sucking my thumb wondering how many unanswered friends I've lost in the process ...


  1. Ha ha ha!
    My phone has a weird echo - my solution use my mobile!

  2. Are you sure you're not being bugged? Merry Christmas Adalita :)


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