Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 812

Yesterday I sat in my Dad's study. I had his computer turned on with his Skype account open.  Next to it I had my new iddy biddy laptop.  Next to that I had the iPad with my Skype account ready and waiting, and Facebook sitting in the background.  Next to that I had my super smart LG phone with Facebook open and my emails downloading.  And I sat and I waited for my bestie to log onto something ... anything ... some form of connection ... from across the oceans to the east coast of the USA on their Christmas Day.  I needed to talk to her because Christmas Day is also her birthday.  This year it is a big birthday. 40. So I sat with all these gadgets and waited. Nothing.

Then we had visitors and I forgot about it all for a while.  My friends had come down from Brisbane for their family gathering at a nearby farm and had popped over the hill for a cuppa and a Christmas catch up.

When I returned to the study a couple of hours later I found that my bestie had Skyped Dad, and me and Facebooked me.  Bum. I missed her. And now she was turned off.

So I lined up my devices again and sat and waited.

Then Mum and Dad had visitors so I went to mingle with their people and to play Sticky Wicky with Darbs.  When I returned I found an odd symbol on my phone.  Tahlia told me it was someone trying to Facebook chat me.  Ohhhhhhh.  So I clicked on it (well not "clicked" on it as much as touched it with my too big finger) and there was Cathy chatting to me.  But for whatever reason I couldn't chat back.  My phone was frozen or the connectivity was bad or something. Bugger. I checked Skype on all the devices. She wasn't logged on.  I tried again to reply on Facebook. Nope. Frozen. So close but yet so far ...

Then today we got in the car to drive home for a quick unpack and reload before we go to the coast.  I have my new little pocket WiFi thingo. So there I was in the passenger seat with my phone, the iPad and the new iddy biddy laptop with Skype on, Facebook open and waited.  Hoping.

When we got home I thought "all this technology and still no contact!".

Then I went STUFF IT.

And I picked up the home phone and simply rang her ...

Yep. The good old fashioned not-being-bugged plugged-into-the-wall telephone.

And we talked ......


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  1. And that is exactly how it took place!...lol...Was so very good to actually speak with you. It made my night, although the boys were a bit upset they didn't get to speak with you. Hopefully we catch up again around NYE on Skype.....Love you!!!!!


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