Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 813

I am as stiff as a board.  Completely inflexible.  I'm not actually talking about my personality (although some may argue that description may fit) but my body.  For months my body has slowly been seizing up limb by limb.  It started with my neck and shoulders, which then refers pain to my head, and has gone through to my back and legs.  Now my arms are also feeling 100 years old.  I am only 40 and 813 days old (that's 42 and a bit in lay-man's terms).  Why is my body behaving this way?  Is it the fibromyalgia pain that I never seemed to have suffered in a big way before finally kicking in? Or is it age? Or is it just lack of exercise? Or a combination of all three?

Every morning I lay on the floor and do my stretching exercises.  Throughout the day I do a few more.  I used to be quite flexible (for an old tart) being able to lay down and lift my legs back towards my chest.  Notice that I said "towards" not against. I was never that flexible. But I was a hell of a lot more flexible than I am today.

I am hurting.  My body hurts.  It's constant.  And I'm not sure what to do about it ....

My New Year's resolution.  To become more flexible.  This whole fibro/age/lack of fitness is not going to beat me!!

Yoga anyone?


  1. Sorry you're feeling a bit yuck. Flexibility is certainly an asset in old age. I've only recently noticed how inflexible I've gotten too, and trying to do the 'putting on strappy shoe' dance leaves me looking like a dog chasing its tail. Since my Dads hip surgery, he's been following all these little stretches...I asked him for a copy so I might also partake. I, too, plan to do more yoga/stretches/flexi things to increase flexibility this year! Happy New Year to you & the family xx

  2. That sux that you're not feeling good - a long soak in a hot bath might help. With a baileys on ice. And a bowl of twisties. Well that's what I would do anyway! Hope your moving more freely soon x


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