Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 814

Today we are going to talk about Chairs. The Rio Gear beach chair to be precise.

When we were in Hawaii this year the hotel pool was closed, so to keep the guests happy the concierge would provide us with little fold up beach chairs with enclosed towel that we could wear as a back pack and walk to the beach.  We fell in love with those little chairs.  They had little beach legs, a cup holder, mobile phone pocket, zip carry compartment, cooler bag compartment and the best part is that they would not only recline, but could lay flat.  And all of this could be strapped to your back for easy walking.

Imagine my delight when we walked into Costco a few weeks ago and found our Hawaiian chairs.  It was pure  bliss! Not only were they there and had ALL the compartments and special features, but they were less than $30  a chair.  So we bought 12 of the bloody things.

Yep.  The Clampets have arrived with a big dose of Griswold's thrown in.  Everyone in the extended family got a Hawaiian beach chair for Christmas and as a group we now strap them to our backs and walk up the beach  in perfect formation.  There is no stopping us.  We are in Aloha heaven ....

Go get yourself a chair.  I highly recommend them

This is not a paid promotion - I genuinely love the chairs. They are made by Rio Gear and can be found at your local Aussie Costco.  They are not totally magical though. In reference to yesterday's post, carrying the chairs does put a strain on my neck.  It doesn't dispel the love though.  Photos of my own special chair below.  

look at the little cup holder there on thee side with mobile phone pocket next to it, and the lovely little neck pillow

the main zipper pocket is at top with the cooler pocket underneath (you can see the shoulder straps hanging underneath) . That other leg folded at the back also acts as a towel rack. 

all folded up and ready to carry away

Laying down flat

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