Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 815

I am still visualising that dream house in my mind.  As I sit and plan for my new product line, I do so with clear visuals of me sitting in that home office, with the kids playing downstairs in the rumpus room and Husband in his own office space. I can see it as plain as day.  The thought of the mortgage almost sends me into hyperventilation mode, but then the productivity that could occur in that space would totally counter-balance it all.

The house is still for sale. It is not yet "under offer".  They won't accept our bid but it seems no one else is bidding either, soooo ....

We'll sit and wait.  And visualise.


  1. I feel it will happen for you. I don't even know the house, but your energy says it all. I'll give them to Feb, then I hope they take your offer. Fingers crossed xx

  2. Thanks Boomerang Jane :) I agree with you. I can feel it in my waters ...


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