Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 819

Today I'm wearing my Grumpy face

Today Leanne is Leanderthol.  She has her grump on ...

Pulling the Christmas decorations down isn't nearly as fun as putting them up.  Particularly when it's this freakin' hot and the evaporative cooling doesn't seem to be working effectively on this 35 degree day.  It's interesting how putting them up invokes joy, squeals of delight and togetherness, but pulling them down creates grumbles, deafness and disappearance.

We got up early this morning and beat the traffic home from the coast supposedly so that Husband could get back to work.  Which means we are now home. That's why I am currently putting the decorations away. The interesting thing about returning specifically for Husband's career is that he's not actually in the office. Instead he is pottering around the house constantly getting under my feet!  Sure, he's working ... he's logged on and doing a bit of this and a bit of that while also messing up my lounge room with comics. After being around each other 24/7 for the last few weeks you'd think he'd want to escape. I'd like him to escape, even if only for a few hours.  But no ... he's right here.  And he's seriously messing up my day. If he's not going to work, why couldn't we have stayed at the beach?!

Sigh.  As for the kidlets, they are also under my feet. They say MUUUUUM a lot. You'd think with Dad home there might be a few DAAAAAD's in there too. But no. It's always MUUUUUM.  The good news is that they are heading off to hang with there cousin's for two nights.  That's also the bad news. It means my husband has a twinkle in his eye and he's expecting me to "perform".  I am far too hot and bothered for that.


  1. ... and THAT is precisly why I had a tiny try with only half a dozen baubles hanging on it. Taking it down is a crappy job! I hope it's over for you now. :-)

    Enjoy your childless couple of days.

  2. Hope you find 5 minutes to yourself. But as a single woman, not going to feel sorry for you on that last point ;-)

  3. Go pour yourself a little wine and then head to bed first so you can pretend to be asleep :)

  4. Leanderthol aka Grumpy left the house at about 4.30pm which is around the time I awoke from my afternoon nap. All is good with the world again. And yes, grateful that I have a husband who loves me and still wants to play indoor bedroom games even with my elephantitis, and am also grateful I have little people in the world who can call me MUUUUUUUUM. Twas a minor diversion into grumpton.


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