Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 820

Black cars are lovely looking vehicles, unless they get scraped by mall pylons and then they look like shit.

It turns out Derek did go to work yesterday in the end ... about the time I laid down for my afternoon nap.  His arrival back home awoke me which meant I had slept through the hours that had been reserved for "me time". Bugger. Anyway, he would have been better of staying at home given he drove the front passenger end of our lovely KIA Grande Carnival (the adventurous vessel of holidayous incredibulous) into a cement underground parking pylon.  The entire front corner is now dinged and scraped into whiteness which looks crap on a shiny black car. Definitely not the accessory of choice ...

He was pretty upset about it.

Oh well, I said. It's just a car.

And really that's the truth.  It's just a car.

Sure, it kinda sucks but three years is the longest I've personally ever gone before my brand new car cops a beating.  So that's gotta be a good thing ...

I've only ever owned three brand new vehicles and all of them have been banged up by someone else.

I remember as clear as day when (20 years ago) I got side swiped in my brand new Holden Barina "escape" hatch.  It actually was the "escape" model which included a sun roof and a trim of pictures of little boats and water low down along the side in blue and pink (the car was white).  It was very cute and it was MINE.  I'd only had it six months when I was taken out by a 4 wheel drive in the busy streets of Sydney-ville.  I was sitting in a line of traffic about 10 cars deep at a set of traffic lights along King George Road. I was burping happily to myself in the sunlight, when the lights turned green and the car behind me decided to pull out and go around me as a way to jump the queue for the free lane on my left. He failed to notice that because the lights were now green the free lane was available to cars going at speed.  As he pulled out a car doing around 60-80km/hour came down and took him out which in turn pushed him and his massive 4WD bull bar into my lovely little Barina which then pushed me to the right and across another lane of traffic. Luckily this lane was now vacant and injuries were minimal.  But it still wasn't pretty.  I got out of the car in a state of shock and just stood there screaming.  I was yelling at the guy in the 4WD saying "what just happened here? Can someone please tell me what the F&^% just happened here!!"  I was screaming like a mad woman. Clearly not in my right frame of mind.  I'd gone from a burping free spirited lass to Sharon Osborne in a nano-second. Anyway, to cut a long story short the entire left side of my car was wrecked and my car had to be towed leaving me with a beaten up loan car for the next 6 weeks while my car got over $4000 in repairs.

The second new car beating was no where near as bad.  I was driving my nifty little burgundy coloured Daewoo Lanos (I  upgraded from the Barina so that I could get some air conditioning) when some idiot on a mobile phone ran up my clacker on the way to work one morning.  Again I managed to find my inner Sharon Osborne and proceeded to yell obscenities.  Yeah, I know, you can take the girl out of Goulburn, but you can't take Goulburn out of the girl.  Blah blah blah.  Again I blame the shock.  But this time there really wasn't anything to yell about. There was hardly a dint nor a scratch. So very minor. I was just frustrated that again my car was around the 6 month mark and already someone else had damaged it.

So you see, the fact that this brand new car has made it to over three years is kind of a coup.  Definitely something to celebrate.  It sucks and all that, but it would have sucked more if it happened 3 years ago.  I'm just happy we've made it this far (and that again it is not my fault).

PS I am not a saint in the car scraping department. I have actually had my fair share of Leanne-induced bingles, but they have been in old crappy second hand vehicles so in my mind the don't rate quite as high on the crash-o-metre.  


  1. Try hitting three kangaroos at various times, having three people rear end you and - wait for it - one idiot REVERSE into the front of your car at a stop sign!!!!

    All over a period of about three years. Lol.

  2. We've never owned a brand new car.

    I had two old clangers before I got married, and never dinged either of them, but of course the car I DID dent was our Pajero and it was my fault and it cost a LOT to fix. Sad face.

  3. I'm always the one putting dings in cars. Fortunately for me, never a new one and just my car involved.

    The only upside I can see is that I'm now less precious about where the car is parked, now that I've 'initiated' it.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  4. LOL! They are all great car stories. I guess the dings add character ...


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