Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 821

The wedding ring .... an unbroken circle being the symbol of eternity. 

Eternity you say? Hell, that's a bloody long time.  It sure is one hell of a frustrating fascinating journey. 

Remember those new chairs I was raving about? The beach ones with cooler bag, cup holder, mobile phone holder and zipper storage compartment?  Well now that everyone in the family has one I decided that I would no longer take responsibility for everyone else's possessions while at the beach.  The fam could look after their own stuff by using the handy storage sections in their seat.  Including Husband. So when he wandered into the surf last week, only to return holding his wedding ring and car keys, I told him to put them in his chair.

The only problem is he just chucked them into the open cupholder section.  Of course this made it highly likely that he'd lose something.  I suggested he put them in the zipper bit where they were safe. Yeah, yeah, yeah he said as he ran back into the ocean.

Yeah, yeah, yeah indeed.  Fascinating man.

Fast forward four hours and we're in our bedroom at the in-laws getting ready for a post beach nap.  Derek's face suddenly goes tense and his eyes show pure fear.  He starts to scratch his head and then says SHIT. I'm reading my book and hardly even look up.  I just say "you've lost your wedding ring haven't you."  Yes he says.  I go to do the whole "I told you to put it in the zip compartment" speech but he stops me with his yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He's still fascinating.

Next thing he's grabbing the car keys and he's out the door.

Half an hour later he returns and the fear on his face is replaced with pride and self importance.  He found his ring.  Are you serious?!  How did you manage that?

Apparently (by his account) he walked straight to where we were sitting and measured out the area. He knew exactly where it was because when he was drying himself he remembered seeing a twig poking out of the ground and recalled it's exact placement and angle from where he stood. So he started there, took a few measured steps and drew a big circle in the sand.  He then sliced the circle into pieces with more lines in the sand. He then knelt inside that circle and started filtering the sand through his fingers section by section.  He was in one of those head-down-bum-up positions which is very attractive ... particularly in the partially clad environment of the beach community.  He said families were staring at him (no doubt wondering what sort of weird pagan  ritual he was conducting inside the big sandy circle and possibly admiring his bum).  After much sifting, a lot of bum waggling and some mild swearing he rose victorious.  He stood inside his circle of glory and raised both arms into the air proudly showing his wedding ring to the world.  The other people on the beach lowered their eyes and pretended not to look as this strange man paid homage to his Gods.

He walked into our room all glorious and important and grinning like a Cheshire cat.  I found it! Can you believe it? I found it!

Again I didn't look up.  I just said "Just as bloody well. Next time use the zip" and I kept on reading.

At least he takes his wedding ring seriously and went to the ends of the Earth (or at least the edges of the circle) to find it.

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  1. Brilliant story! (good save by hubby too! I'm very impressed with his method to find it :) )


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