Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 822

Where were you the day Michael Hutchence died? 

Purely by chance I was right there near the Ritz in Sydney where it all happened. Just a block or two away. I was on my way to a friend's wedding in the Botanical Gardens when I heard the news. I was devastated.  A piece of my soul died that day ...

You are probably wondering why I am asking this question and why I have put a great big iPod Touch over there on the right hand side of the screen featuring nothing but INXS music.  I even put it above the advertisement of my book! It must be good to knock My Happy Gift off it's perch. Well, it's because I just read the INXS biography and I'm back in love with the band that ruled my teenage years (and beyond).

The book Story to Story is the only official INXS autobiography, although there are a few unofficial ones out there. This one is endorsed by the band though, written a good many years after Michael's death (mainly because it took that long for the band to come to terms with it).

If you ever followed INXS you'll love Story to Story. Sure, it's a whole bunch of sex, drugs and rock no roll, but it's also a bloody good book on how it takes hard work, determination, vision and belief to achieve greatness.  From the beginning they knew they could cement themselves as part of rock and roll history, especially Tim Farriss the oldest of the Farris brothers and the unofficial leader of the pack, but it took years of hard slog to get there.  It helped that they also had a bloody good manager who held the same vision and belief to coach and guide them through their journey.  From when they were simply called the Farriss Brothers working small pubs and beach side communities in and around Sydney, across to Perth, back to Sydney and around the globe, Story to Story takes you on their journey and helps you to get to know each individual band member one by one.  I now feel like I know each of them like friends and am very grateful they shared their stories with me.  I've always loved their music, now I love each and every one of them personally as well.

A quote from the jacket cover: "In 1979 three brothers and their three best mates from Sydney formed a band called INXS and recorded an album that would launch them on an incredible journey, from playing Australia's beaches and pubs to the world's biggest concert venues.  Along the way, they'd sell 30 million albums, rack up seventeen hit songs in the United States alone, and experience a life of sex, drugs and supermodels to rival any in rock history.  This is their story."

They didn't do it easily.  It was strenuous, time consuming, and had many many challenges.  It was definitely a long way to the top, but as with many "blood, sweat and tears" stories theirs is a journey filled with inspiration.

A quote from the book (page 35): "They were aliens true to their vision, and as much as they were shunned in the short term, their individuality proved itself essential to their success."  Now that's a quotable quote. Love it!!

Story to Story - Go buy it, and keep on playing their music.  They're definitely a group of Aussie legends ...


  1. I hadn't heard of this book, and will seek it out now. I don't listen to them much these days, but they were certainly part of the soundtrack of the bride and my early couple years.

    To answer your q, where was I when I heard. Newly married, travelling through Europe, in a pub in Lisbon, Portugal.

  2. thanks Leanne -- I don't remember where I was, but I do remember I had to sit down when I heard. Knocked the wind right out of me. And I kept thinking of the song Never Tear Us Apart.


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