Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 823

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Does anyone out there play spotto?

Does anyone else know what spotto is?

Does anyone know where it originated?

Coz I would like to go and methodically hit the spotto creator in the head with a bucket full of yellow match box cars, one little car at a time .... thwack ... (wait ten seconds) ... thwack ... (wait ten seconds) ... thwack ... (wait ten seconds) ... thwack ...

Spotto is a game played when travelling. It is quite a good family game when you're taking a long trip and need to keep the kids interested in the drive while taking in the surroundings.  It definitely keeps everyone alert. It is a very annoying game if it is played every. single. time. you. get. in. the. car.

Basically the game is simple - if you see a yellow car you yell out SPOTTO and score a point.  That simple.  I'm not sure of the intricate rules of the original game, but in order to stop a car load of arguing we have had to create a few rules of our own.  Our spotto rules are as follows:

  • Any yellow vehicle with wheels and a motor is a spotto (so that includes buses, diggers, cars, motor bikes, ride on mowers, but excludes push bikes, box trailers, boats and prams.  Although a yellow boat on a trailer is a contentious spotto as it does technically have a motor and wheels.)
  • The vehicle has to be at least 50% yellow to qualify.
  • Gold does not count as yellow.
  • If there is controversy as to whether the yellow car in question is actually yellow then it is put to a vote and majority rules.
  • A yellow car can not be spotto'ed more than once within the same trip (and for the sake of sanity there may need to be a new rule that on regular routes we can't keep spottoing the same car every time we drive past it whether it is the same trip or not).
  • Yellow vehicles don't have to be moving, they can be parked, but they have to be visible (just because you know that family has a yellow car parked in their closed garage does not constitute a spotto).
  • You can't just randomly yellow SPOTTO in anticipation that a yellow car might come around the corner, or hoping that in a packed car park a yellow car will eventually present itself.  You have to actually see the spotto at the time it is yelled and others need to verify it's existence. Failing to produce the goods means a spotto point is taken off you.
  • Green is green, and yellow is yellow.  Lime green is not yellow.  A green car is never a spotto, it is in fact a SNOTTO.
  • Snotto's aren't worth as much as spottos.  

And that's about the size of Spotto.  Aren't you glad I shared that with you?!

You've got to be careful of it. It sneaks up on you even when the kids aren't in the car which is the bit that drives me mental.  I am constantly on the look out for yellow cars even when alone. And yes, I do yell out SPOTTO the moment I see one.  

Which brings me to the next question - is a spotto actually a spotto if there is no one around to hear it?


  1. I used to drive a yellow car... my kids used to play spotto. All. The. Time. I hate to think how many other parents suffered because of my choice of vehicle. SORRY!

  2. Ha ha, deep. Yes, kids have played Spotto even driving around town to keep themselves occupied. We sometimes change colours & names to mix it up when yellow gets a bit boring.

    When I first learned the game Spotto it was spotting windmills in the countryside. Guess I'm showing my age, because it would probably be a very boring quiet game these days, lol.

  3. I don't think I'll teach my kids this game ;) they argue enough as it is in the car! Lol

  4. We play it, but I had no idea there was so many rules! Perhaps you could say we pay a version of it!!! x

  5. Well there you go. I didn't realise it was quite so universal. And windmills?! LOL. I now know ...

    I did wonder if we owned a yellow car if there'd have to be a spotto ban ... could you imagine every time we entered the garage we'd all be screaming SPOTTO. Yikes. There would definitely have to be a whole new set of rules ...

  6. Did you know that an App has now been created for Car Spotto - its now availabe from the Apple iTunes store -

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  8. I love this. Made me cry with laughter. Thank you 🌸


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