Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 832

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After my news breaking headline yesterday (does that make sense? That doesn't make sense. Shouldn't that have actually read "ground breaking headline" or perhaps "breaking news headline"?!?) I have begun planning my fit and fabulous comeback. Which, as I said, will start in two weeks.  Not because I am not wanting to do it, but because I just not wanting to do it RIGHT NOW.

Yes people, there is a difference.

Excuses perhaps?

Of course I'm making excuses.  Derrrr ....

But they are semi legitimate.  I have too many dinner parties, too much travel and far too much Summerous Festivous still to experience before I cleanse and resume on my path to well being.  So I am postponing it for two weeks. (Did you notice my use of the BUT up there. The word "but" is the catch phrase for excuse makers around the globe ...)

I will do it! Oh yes, I will do it.  I have to ... my banner up there says "fit and fabulous".  To not be fit and fabulous would make me illegitimate (or something) ....

But on a serious note, and in putting my official life coachy hat on, I do have a trick to turning continual excuses and resistance to change into positive forward action.  Wanna hear it?

So often I hear my clients say "but" or "because" when we try to map out their course of action.  They have excuses as to why they can't fulfill their dreams. They have far to many BUTS in their life.

"I would love to start my own business BUT I can't afford to quit my job"

"I would like to get a personal trainer BUT I have no one to look after my kids"

"I would like to go on a diet BUT there is no way my husband would eat diet food"

"I want to give up smoking BUT I've tried before and there is no point."

"I'd love to take my family on holidays BUT we have a huge mortgage to pay off."

"I really want to write a book BUT who what if nobody wants to read it."

If you truly want to move forward and would like to eliminate the excuses, try swapping the word "BUT" for "imagine if".  By saying "imagine if" you are still acknowledging there will be challenges but you are giving yourself hope and encouragement to at least think about the possibilities.

"Imagine if I could start my own business while keeping my day job in the short term. "

"Imagine if I found a personal trainer who was kid friendly so that my children could attend my sessions with me"

"Imagine if I found a diet that meant I could still prepare similar meals for both me and my husband"

"Imagine if, by giving up smoking, I had more time and money to learn to play the flute ."

"Imagine if we found a cheap holiday that would still give us the relaxation and life experiences we are looking for without compromising our bank account."

"Imagine if I did write a book and sold it as an E Book to establish me as a fully fledged author. At the same time I could talk to publishers about the possibilities."

Believe me, it works.  Just by changing the way we speak engages different areas of the brain which in turn changes mindset for positive forward action.  The mind only knows what we tell it. If we verbalise barriers (BUT is a huge barrier) then we are training our mind to find barriers throughout our entire journey.  If we verbalise possibility, then our mind is constantly looking for opportunities along the way.  It really is that easy.

Give it a go!  What "imagine ifs" do you have in your world today?


  1. Imagine if I allowed myself to enjoy more sleep! Perhaps I might not be missing out on much at 1am in the morning as my brain thinks, and instead I might open up the possibilities of living more energetically throughoutthe day? Imagine!

  2. I loved your post, you are so right!
    We are capable of achieving anything we want to do, It's all in the way we think about it.

    I'm going to start using the words imagine in my daily thoughts from now on.

    Nicky Singh.


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