Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 835

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This week we've hosted a couple of dinners (given we are still celebrating summerous festivous and all that).  We had a sit down indoor meal for one couple on Tuesday night, and a very casual BBQ for a family of 6 last night.  Both were lovely evenings and had their fair share of laughter.  Last night's in particular turned into quite an event. In fact, quite by accident, our guests got to enjoy dinner AND a show.

We have a possum who lives in our back yard.  She is a lovely possum and hangs out with us often. She's been around for years and we often give her vegetable and fruit scraps so that she doesn't feel the need to raid our vege patch.  Every year she has a baby and proudly shows the baby off.  She came to visit us on Tuesday night with her precious bundle, and while we were on the back deck with our friends last night she gate-crashed our soiree to parade her baby around again.

Now prior to Possum's visit we'd been talking about the whole theatre restaurant concept.  I have never been to a theatre restaurant but the others had.  Apparently there is one up on the Gold Coast called Dracula's and we've had some in Canberra including some sort of Faulty Towers reinactment, as well as something that is called Dirty Dicks.  It was while we were talking about the whole dinner and a show  concept that Possum arrived with her bundle.  We laughed and thought how lovely it was to have some Possum Magic in our midst while we ate dessert.  Our very own show. Then something completely wild happened ... a big male possum arrived and our lovely Possum Magic experience turned into Dirty Dicks.

Yes people, our lovely little backyard soiree turned into the animal version of Patpong Road in Thailand. But unlike Patpong, we weren't asked "do you want boys and boys, girls and girls, or boys and girls?" we were just given some possum and possum action (whether we wanted to see it or not).

The dirty old male possum came and mounted our lovely Possum Magic right there in front of us while her baby was on her back!!!! I started screeching, the kids were gasping, the men were "holy shitting" and Possum herself was doing her best to fight him off while keeping her baby safe. There was a hell of a lot of activity up there with all three of them hanging by their claws from a branch at one point after a particularly physical battle.  I was worried for the child (physical and psychological damage and all that).  Possum tried her best to fight off the dirty old male, with a whole lot of screaming and grunting, while baby was scrambling around trying to hold on to Mummy.  She couldn't sustain it though. Big man possum eventually mounted her and got his doodle out.  Right there with baby and all.  The whole session was a bit hit and miss (meaning we got to see his doodle many times through the course of the event) but he finally got his game plan sorted and they went for it.  Baby managed to free herself from Mum's back and went to the under carriage instead to have a feed.  Yes, poor Mum was breast feeding while Dad had his way ....

I don't know how Mum and Baby are feeling this morning, but I hope there is some counselling available in the possum world because I for one am scarred.

Have you ever been to dinner and a show?

Any that you would recommend?

I don't think I'll recommend this one ....

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  1. Well, there you go -- never in my life did I think I'd say this, but I haven't seen a possum doodle.
    I think I prefer the kind of show where someone sings a song and the guests politely clap, to be honest.

  2. Haha. Agree with Toni, lol. I was fortunate enough to see both the Faulty Tower show & Dirty Dicks (I was a wench, some patron participation required!) Fun.

  3. Theres a bandicoot that comes out under the patio at my parents farm and scares the begeezes out of anyone who has never seen one before (which is usually everyone!) they are bigger than a rat and move a bit like a rabbit. Very unusual indeed. No bandicoot shows like yours as yet though ;)

  4. A bandicoot!! Are you kidding me?! Wow. Now that would be dinner and a show.
    For anyone who is interested (and from what I could see) a possum penis is about as thin as a pencil and about the same length. I guess that means a possum has a pencil penis ...
    Does Dirty Dicks still exist? Sounds like fun.

  5. Don't have a clue if Dirty Dicks is still around Leanne. This was when I was young & cute as a newly wed twenty years ago (oh my-how old am I?) I won tickets through the paper. Must Google it perhaps?


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