Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 838

It's Sunday! My favourite day ...

Yesterday we went shopping.  It was lovely.  We didn't spend a million dollars, but we might have spent a hundred (well, slightly more, but only slightly).

We went to our local DFO and bought Tahlia's school sneakers (and she bought herself some other shoes as well), and Darby got two pre-owned X Box games.  Husband got two t-shirts and I got tops, a dress and some pants.  Yes, I came out the winner on the day ...

I am grateful for my husband's January commission bonus and I am also happy to have an excuse for another wardrobe clean out.  For every piece of clothing I buy, something has to depart my closet to be re-loved by someone else.   So that is how I am spending my Sunday morning.

After that I will put on my "liaison" hat for my new role at the new cheer squad, and then it's massage time, followed by a BBQ with friends.

Yes, it is a very happy Sunday.

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  1. I love DFO! Can always find a bargain.

    I like the idea of handing on a garment each time you buy a new one. I might steal that... I usually put anything I haven't worn the previous year into a charity bin, but that makes me wear most things at least once!

  2. No fear of me not wearing anything at least once :) I actually don't have many clothes ... comparatively speaking ... well ... then again, there is this one dress I bought that is very ugly ... what was I thinking?!


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