Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 840

The Uncomplain Challenge

I was cruising Facebook on Sunday and marveled happily at how many of my FB friends are positive uplifting people.  Then I cringed when I realised I still had a number of people on my page who feel the need to bitch at the world.

It's easy to feel joy when the people around you are joyous, but just as easy to deflate when the people around you are constantly sticking pins in your balloon.

We all complain.  Hell, I do it here!  In fact, I may be doing it right now?! There's no getting around the need to vent from time to time. But there is a way to get support and advice from the people around us without having to actually moan and groan about life on a regular basis.  It's all in the way we communicate.

Here is a (purely fiction) example:
"Today has been the worst ever. It started with the freakin' battery on my car going dead over night due to useless husband who left the lights on, then when I finally got it started I couldn't find a single parking spot at the mall which made me late for work and then the shipment arrived late which meant I had to stay back and work overtime, which would have been OK I suppose but every customer that came in was so freakin' painful and had such bad attitudes".

Yep, I feel your pain. In fact, you have now transferred it to me.  So much so that I am not only going to  agree with you but I kinda feel the need to start complaining myself.  Complaining is like that ... it's contagious.  And you know those people with the bad attitudes that you had to serve? Perhaps they were just reflecting your energy.  This is not life threatening stuff! It's not even life changing. So please stop sweating the small stuff. Try being a winner not a whiner and the people around you might become winners too!

What if the conversation had actually gone like this: "It was a bit of a challenging start to the day, and I ended up working longer than I had thought, but the overtime pay is good! It will pay to get a new battery for my car (LOL)"

Expressing your frustration but also seeing the light and giving gratitude in the process.  And by taking complaint out of your communication (inner and outer) you are actually re-training your brain to take in more positive information which in turn leads to a happier mindset rather than one of anger and disappointment.

As I said, on Sunday I was cruising Facebook.  I came across a link for Positively Positive titled "The Uncomplain Challenge" and of course lots of little smiley faces went off in my brain. Yes!! That's perfect.  An uncomplain Challenge.  So while I am focussing on FOCUS and new beginnings and limitless possibilities this week, I will be doing so without complaint.  And if I come across complaint in others, I will intensify my efforts on turning their conversations around to make a negative chat become a positive one. It may just make us all that little bit happier.

You can check out The Uncomplain Challenge here.

Who's with me?  

Gotta go ... I've got some uncomplaining to do ...

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  1. Do you know the Kindovermatter Blog its a good one with lots of positive stuff on it.. I go there when I need a pick me up. I often get on a negative roll and have to snap myself out of it and that blog has lots of nice freebie stuff to print out and put up to serve as a reminder to be positve, might be worth a look
    keep smiling

  2. Hi There, I'm only new to your blog, I particularity liked this post as you bring to the for front the amount of frustration people bottle up in side and then let rip at a complete stranger when they feel the need to vent and release the pressure cooker effect.Life can be really stressful if you allow it, I agree, don't sweat the small stuff!

    Nicky Singh

  3. Hi Nicky! So nice to see you visiting. And yes, pressure cookers are not a good way to handle emotions ...


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